Phase 2 - What You Can Do After Your Period To Improve Your Fertility

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This is the second phase of your cycle and is commonly called the follicular phase. During this second phase the period has ceased, the egg is in the final stages of maturation moving towards ovulation. The lining has begun to grow again in preparation for possible implantation. The optimal uterine lining thickness will be 8-12 mm before implantation begins. The developing egg is releasing estrogen which is the main hormone responsible for creating a thick, healthy lining. Your progesterone levels stay very low during this phase. BBT levels should be staying at the baseline level without excessive spikes or drops.  
The Chinese Medicine perspective for the follicular phase is that the blood levels are weak from your recent period. Concentrating on building up the blood (nourishing) and promoting the movement of blood is the primary focus in preparation of ovulation and implantation.  
There are things which you can do during the follicular phase to help improve your chances of conceiving. As with the previous period phase (phase 1 - your period)  you should still concentrate on a healthy, iron rich diet to help replace the blood which was lost during the bleed. Adequate rest is also important.  To help in the building of a healthy lining many women try a specific type of femoral massage illustrated here by Dr. Randine Lewis.
 Femoral massage helps increase blood flow to the uterus and improve the lining for implantation. Acupuncture also helps to improve uterine blood flow and improves the thickness of the lining.
Being proactive in this phase can definitely be of a great benefit for both ovulation and implantation down the road. It's an investment in your fertility for the weeks to come!
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