Peak Fertility - Have you used PRP Homeopathy or LLLT?

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Using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to Optimize Fertility

I was asked in one my discovery calls recently about using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to optimize fertility.  I have been told one of my superpowers is being aware of the many modalities being used to optimize fertility and, if I am not in the know, then I find out.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are gaining popularity for a variety conditions to accelerate healing and repair, most commonly used for sport injuries, dental surgeries and hair loss, and more recently for egg rejuvenation and uterine receptivity.  

PRP and fertility is not common in Vancouver BC yet.  I can recall two women who came to Acubalance in Vancouver for LLLT and Fertility while they flew to the states monthly for PRP injections.  Actually, one of the two is just starting the process.  I am curious how this turns out for them as I am always curious and interested in learning about procedures and steps one can take to help them reach their peak fertility potential.

As I shared at the beginning, one of my superpowers is being curious, open minded and staying aware of the many resources related to fertility. At one of my visits to Olive Fertility in Surrey BC, I had learned Dr. Shaun Tregoning, MD, was using PRP with his fertility patients so I asked him if he would sit down with me over zoom with the intention I would share the video discussion with you.  

I first became aware of PRP from my work with low level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as photobiomodulation in the scientific community, because often PRP and LLLT are combined to enhance the healing effect when it comes to hair growth, injuries and I suspect after my conversation below with Dr. Shaun Tregoning, with fertility too.   

I personally use LLLT for my brain health and for the occasional injuries I sustain from playing sports with kids that are not even half my age.  OK, I guess late teens and early twenties are no longer considered as kids but at my age they seem like they are too me.  It is all relative.

I have had personal experience using PRP for my tooth implant procedure.  My dental surgeon said he finds it a game changer in accelerating the healing process and reducing swelling and pain.   I also added my LLLT system we use at Acubalance to my jaw for a few days before and after the dental surgery to enhance the healing response.  I can see how combining PRP + LLLT are becoming more common and popular.   

I am about to have another personal experience with PRP: PHP for hair growth.  I have a bald spot in the back of my head (I cannot see it but my teenage kids like to point it out often) as well as I have some serious thinning hair in the front.  I have accepted going bald is my destiny (had my genetics tested) and I am not concerned enough about being bald to take prescription drugs (drugs that lower DHT) by lowering my testosterone to save my hair at the risk of reducing my will, energy and drive. I think I can make bald work for me.  I have accepted it.

But after talking to Dr. Tregoning I am now open and keen to give PRP on my head a 3-6-month process as well as using my red laser systems.  I already use the near infra-red LEDs for my brain health so I can just adjust the program for the red light during my course of PRP treatments. 

I am cautiously hopeful.  Cautiously, as in I am not sure my hair follicles can be rejuvenated at this stage, but I am hopeful enough to give it a try as there is little to lose or risk except for the money to have the procedure.  So, I am going for it as I am curious how the PRP + LLLT will work for my hair line :-).  I will know it has worked when my boys stop noticing my receding hair.   I do remind them they will be my age one day so be kind.

Plus I am inspired by the women who have come to see me for acupuncture, LLLT, herbs etc. over a 3-12 month period to maximize their egg quality and uterine receptivity when they were told it was too late or not possible for them and yet some of them saw a significant improvements (evidenced by pregnancy and baby as well improved well-being and quality of life).  You know the saying, nothing ventured nothing gained.     

I invite you to watch the short video below where I interview Dr. Shaun Tregoning MD (doctor at Olive IVF clinic in Surrey BC) what PRP is and how it is being used for a few conditions, including egg quality and uterine receptivity.  Plus he surprises me about his training in homeopathy and how he will prescribe some remedies to his patients as well.

Stay Curious,

Dr. Lorne Brown, founder & clinical director

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