PCOS, Eczema and IBS - Case Study Report

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Although we focus much of our treatments for fertility we rarely only treat reproductive health. Almost all of our patients have problems in other areas of their health which generally improve while we treat their fertility. A healthy body usually means optimal fertility!

A while back I had a patient walk in with the main complaint of irregular cycles. She had a cycle every 90 days or so only if she was exercising daily. If not exercising she wouldn't have a period. When she did have her period she had severe abdominal pain. She was trying to get pregnant but with having so few cycles she didn't know when she should be trying to conceive.  
She also had severe eczema all over her body which effected her daily life with extreme itching, discoloration, and dry scaly skin. As she worked with the public this was extremely frustrating for her as nothing seemed to give improvement.
Her 3rd big symptom was IBS. She experienced debilitating bloating, stomach pain and irregular loose bowel movements almost on a daily basis.  
Let's call my patient Misha. Misha came in frustrated, lost and unsure of how to move forward. We discussed the treatment options available including both western medications and the treatments here at Acubalance. We were able to break down each of her health complaints and discussed solutions. From my perspective, all her reproductive problems, skin disorder, and digestive complaints stemmed from the same origin.  
Misha jumped head first into treatment. She began doing weekly acupuncture sessions and made diet changes along with other lifestyle adjustments.  After a few weeks, she also began taking a Chinese herbal formula designed for her pattern.
Misha started to notice small changes at first but after a few weeks, the changes kept building and improving. Within weeks her skin improved dramatically and within a month had a period that was pain-free. Although her digestion wasn't perfect yet she noticed a big improvement.  
We continued treatment for several months until her skin had almost completely cleared up and her cycles continued to regulate becoming every 30 days. Her digestion was also normal once again. She had noticed a complete and positive change in her entire health not only physically but emotionally as well.  
Misha's success was due to her hard work and commitment to the treatment plan we had put together. Her success is not unusual!  You can read about patients experiences treating PCOS, Painful Periods or Fertility.
To learn more about our treatment approach here at Acubalance please call for a 15 minute phone Q&A.  
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Dr. Ryan Funk
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