PCOS Case Study: Pregnant Naturally After 2 failed IVF Cycles

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It’s the most important part of preparing for a pregnancy but the last thing most patients want to hear: wait for just a few more months! If you’ve been trying to conceive for as long as many of the patients that come to Acubalance Vancouver have, you probably feel like you’ve done your fair share of waiting. But we’ve said it before and I will always say it again, it is so incredibly important to nourish the soil before you plant the seed. Allowing your body 3-4 months of preconception care before going through another round of IVF, IUI, or trying naturally gives your body the chance to re-calibrate, nourish itself, and have the ability to reach your peak fertility potential. And it can truly make all the difference, like for my patient, a 33 year old woman with PCOS who I will refer to as Tanya.

Tanya came to see me in April after having two failed IVF transfers with one resulting in a disappointing chemical pregnancy. She had one embryo left and wanted acupuncture and Chinese medicine to assist her in improving her chances of conception for her next transfer. Knowing how powerful and important the preconception period is, however, we advised Tanya to give us a few months to regulate her cycle and work on some of her health concerns before attempting another transfer. And after a couple months of regulating her hormones, we thought, why not give trying to conceive naturally a try? Tanya had typical PCOS signs with an irregular and absent period. She also had fatigue, constant bloating, food cravings, mild depression, hirsutism, poor sleep quality, and cystic acne.

We revamped her diet by eliminating sugars and simple carbs and added the Acubalance PCOS protocol supplements to improve her digestion, energy, metabolize estrogens, and manage blood sugar regulation. Tanya committed to the 3 month preconception care, coming in for laser-acupuncture treatments multiple times per week. Gradually all of her symptoms improved. Her skin was clear of acne, she noticed less hirsutism, she was happy, energized, and lost 25 pounds! But her period never came. We trusted the preconception care, it is an important Chinese medicine concept but the science is also there. It takes one year for an egg in the ovary to mature, but most of this occurs within the last 3-4 months before it was ready to ovulate. And we were doing everything we could to improve the environment her eggs were maturing in so they reach their peak fertility potential and ovulate naturally.

Then one day Tanya arrived for her appointment and told me she had taken a pregnancy test over the weekend and it was positive! She hadn’t even had a cycle since her last failed transfer, but all it took was one good egg to successfully ovulate and be fertilized. Exactly 3.5 months after Tanya began her treatments, she became pregnant with her first child. Tanya and her husband were overjoyed, not only that they were expecting, but that they were able to do so naturally with the help of some natural preconception care after two failed IVF cycles. She recently had her first ultrasound and could finally hear her baby's heartbeat. 

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Allison Locke, R.TCM.P, R.Ac

PCOS Case Study: Pregnant Naturally After 2 failed IVF Cycles, Acubalance Wellness Centre Vancouver BC