Patient Centered Care for Infertility Alive and Well in Vancouver

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I was featured in Business in Vancouver Magazine for April 16, 2013.   It reminded me of my past as a chartered accountant (CA) and how this background has helped me create Acubalance, the first Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in British Columbia.  It was obvious to me that infertility was a stressful condition and the couples were not receiving adequate emotional support or resources other than drug therapy.  It became my mission to create an integrated fertility wellness center where we provided superb patient centered care and also help transform how the IVF clinics delivered fertility care in Vancouver.  We did this by hiring enough staff to offer day in and out patient centered care.  We adjusted our schedules as well to prevent practitioner and burnout. 

I look around at all the IVF clinics in Vancouver in which Acubalance has worked with them all and how they all communicate on their websites the importance of well being and patient centered care.  Even Olive Fertility Clinic, the latest IVF clinic to open, has as  part of their mission to provide patient centered care and has organized their nursing operations to carry this out at their own expense.  I cannot help but feel that Acubalance is partly responsible for the evolution of integrated fertility care in Vancouver where both success rates AND patient centered care are  now a priority. 

Lorne Brown B.Sc., CA, Dr. TCM, FABORM, CHt
Fertility Acupuncturists
Clinical Director and Founder
Acubalance Wellness Centre

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