Pain Killers Linked To Male Infertility, Are Laser Treatments A Better Option?

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I've had my share of injuries and pain growing up.With multiple shoulder dislocations along with a shoulder separation, I have learned how to deal with chronic pain. I"m not the only one either. Most of my friends and patients also have a chronic injury and deal with ongoing pain. What most people don't realize that both men and women using painkillers may actually decrease their chances of conceiving.

It's already known that women who use NSAIDs increase their chances of ovulatory disorders. Now, a recent study is also pointing towards men having a fertility decline with the use of Ibuprofen, a type of NSAID. It's scary that common, over the counter medications can have such a negative impact on our health but few people are aware of these side effects.
The most recent research looked into the use of Ibuprofen and the fertility of men. In this study, men took 600mg twice daily (maximum dose is 800mg 4x day) for a duration of 14 days. Men were found to have developed testicular problems leaving them less likely to be able to father a child. It also affected the ability of a man to produce testosterone. These are strong negative reactions!
So what is a guy to do who experiences chronic pain? I understand this dilemma well. With both my shoulders having chronic pain I lived with the pain for a long time. Deep aches, and limited ability to move my shoulders plagued my everyday routines. I had good and bad periods but never had long last relief. Massage therapy, physiotherapy, special stretching, and exercises never offered much help.
A few years ago I started using Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for my shoulders. I was very skeptical to see how "light" therapy could actually help an injury that was more than 20 years old. I started treating my "bad" shoulder so I could monitor any progress by comparing it to my less painful and better mobile shoulder. I only did the light therapy as I had stopped both massage and physio at this point due to lack of progress. I didn't notice much of a change for the first 2 weeks but it was on the 3rd week of treatment that something shifted. My "bad shoulder was now the same as my "good" shoulder. I continued treatment and to my surprise, I was noticing much more improvement than I had in years.
What the laser was doing that the other treatments missed was the ability to improve cellular health. LLLT treatments improve mitochondrial function which allows damaged or old cells to regain some of their function. This helps decrease inflammation and improve healing abilities of an affected area. It also helps the bodies ability with the creation of new blood vessels called angiogenesis.
If you are experiencing chronic pain and have been using Ibuprofen to relieve the pain you may want to rethink this approach. This is very true to those men who are wanting to father a child. There are other approaches you can take to recover from injuries and decrease your pain. Low Level Light Therapy is a great option with no side effects.
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