One Needle, One Treatment, 100% Cure!

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Sounds to good to be true? That's because it is.  I have seen this acupuncture ad in one of our local free. If you see this ad yourself, run the other way.

It has been my clinical experience that acupuncture has an accumulative affect so a one-off treatment would not truly be beneficial. This was supported by Dr. Elisabet Stener Victorin in her April 2013 presentation on Treating Complex Gynecological Conditions Using Evidenced-Based Acupuncture - a presentation available online for any of my colleagues. Dr. Victorin carefully reviewed acupuncture research and its mechanism for treating PCOS, increased blood flow to the reproductive organs, menopause symptoms, pain control for IVF egg retrieval, and other fertility difficulties. She ably demonstrated accupuncture's accumulative effect, that most benefits are achieved after at least five treatments.

Acupuncture isn't a magic bullet; it's there to help the body self-regulate -- we call this "balance". To compete at your best in a marathon or ace an exam, you must train regularly and study often, not just the night before the big race or test. Going for just one run won't improve your health and going for just one acupuncture session won't cure chronic conditions such as infertility. The compounding effect of regular acupuncture combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle choices over 3-12 months has proven to be the most beneficial system for the fertility patients I've worked with.

For those of you interested in help getting pregnant....

This week, I will be presenting on the Acubalance Fertility Diet, along with my favourite supplements, used to help you reach your peak fertilit. The presentation will be on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Whole Foods on Cambie in Vancouver and on Wednesday, April 24 at the Whole Foods at Park Royal in West Vancouver. Registration is free but space is limited so please call ahead to reserve a spot for you and your significant other or support person. This presentation is for anyone trying to conceive naturally or with IVF.