One Good Egg For a Second Time, A Case Study Success

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Women will often lose hope when diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. It's often diagnosed with an AMH (Anti Mulerian Hormone) blood test, antral follicle count (AFC) or poor response to an IVF cycle. At this point, many women will be encouraged to use donor eggs as they will have over a 60% chance of success.  

If donor egg is something you are not wanting to consider at this time there are options.  
Many women we see at Acubalance have been diagnosed with poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve and have been recommended donor egg as their best chance. Many choose to leave no stone unturned and work with us for 3-6 months before moving forward with other options such as donor eggs. The good news... many conceive with their own eggs. Those who do not feel more prepared to donor eggs or are mentally and emotionally at peace with where they are.
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IVF Case Study - Success

I wanted to pass along an example of a patient who was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve but has gone on to have children using her own eggs. Here is her story:
She had an AMH of 0.1 (an indicator of very low ovarian reserve). She came for acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary coaching. Although her IVF cycle was converted to an IUI due to only one follicle stimulated she still conceived. She now has a healthy vibrant child. This is an example of it only takes one good egg!
Fast forward a few years where she is now a few years older and wanting to grow her family. Her chances of conceiving now were even less than before considering her AMH was 0.1 a few years ago. We provided her with acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle counselling which helped regulate her cycles. Early into our care, she tried Clomid to see how well she could respond to this ovulation induction medication. Her response was slightly disappointing with having a slow response and only stimulating 1 follicle. Her first cycle was unfortunately negative. She wanted to know what else we could do?
It was at this point we discussed the benefits of adding Laser Acupuncture (LLLT - low-level laser therapy or Cold Laser). We began treating her 2-3x per week using a combination of both laser and acupuncture treatment. She was also continuing to use Clomid to improve her chances of conceiving. Her second Clomid cycle she had a better response but unfortunately still didn't fall pregnant.  
She noticed a significant improvement by her 3rd clomid cycle. She had 2 good follicles and her doctor commented they were pleased with her response this time. This time she got her positive pregnancy test. 
This positive pregnancy was achieved after several months of acupuncture followed by another 2 months of Laser acupuncture. All the while she followed the dietary, supplement and lifestyle adjustments which improved her chances of conceiving.  
If you have been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality and donor eggs is not an option for you then remember there is still hope using your own eggs.  

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