Offering Answers for Unexplained Infertility

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One of the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it offers a diagnosis to your fertility that is much different than the western perspective. Many of our patients are  diagnosed with "unexplained" infertility and moving towards expensive fertility treatments.  In these cases a second opinion is greatly appreciated.  

Traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle adjustments.  Many of these methods are poorly understood or explained using the western traditional system. We know it works, we know it helps increase pregnancy rates. Western medicine can't always explain HOW it works.  For our patients who go on to have healthy children, are these called "unexplained" pregnancies ?
Chinese Medicine looks at all the western tests and diagnosis from your medical doctors and combines these with our more traditional methods.  We discuss the quality of both fertility and overall health.  We create a treatment plan addressing all these issues which are not optimal.  By creating a greater level of health and increasing your overall fertile environment your chances of conceiving a healthy child improve.  
An example of how Chinese medicine helped one of our patients go from unexplained to diagnosed and treated is seen here. She had been through multiple miscarriages and was told everything was fine.  She was suggested to go home and continue trying to conceive.  The thought of going through a 4th miscarriage was terrifying.  She came to Acubalance for a second opinion.  We found several things which needed to be addressed before she tried to conceive again.  To read her story follow this link to see what she did to hold a healthy child.    
Another example from one of our patients can be found here.  This couple had been trying to conceive for a second child for over 1.5yrs without a diagnosis from either her GP or Gynecologist.  They achieved a natural pregnancy just weeks before entering into an IVF cycle after their care here at Acubalance.  
Looking for information about your infertility and have not found the answers your looking for ? We work closely with fertility clinics and other medical practitioners.  By combining our strengths we can provide a level of care not found in the health care system.  Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer questions you may have about chinese medicine, fertility or diet and see how we can help you conceive.  
Best of Health
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine