Nutritional Tips while social distancing

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If there’s ever been a time to focus on nutrition, it’s now. There’s no denying the good, nutrient-dense food is foundational for healing, prevention, energy, and overall health. Social distancing shouldn't get in the way of eating well.

When stuck at home with social distancing - one of two things may happen: You either skip meals due to the lack of structure, or you graze throughout the day with some good stuff, but an equal amount of not-so-good stuff, because hey - what else there to do?.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep you on track.

Cook from scratch.

Cooking from scratch as often as you can this allows you to know what is going into your meals, limiting unknown additives. Currently, this will mean planning your meals in advance so you can get just what you need and limit outings.  This doesn’t have to be a drag! There is no better time to play with new recipes than now.

Limit purchasing junk food/processed foods.

If you don’t have it in the house, or have small amounts - it cuts back your daily consumption.

Make sure every meal has the basics: protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

These are your macronutrients and are needed for basic energy. Ideally, proteins and fats should make up approximately a quarter of the plate. And carbohydrates (ideally complex grains) can make up another half of the plate.

Build your meals around vegetables.

Aim to get approximately ½ a plate. Veggies are jam-packed with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide your body with cofactors that are essential for your immune system, detox pathways, energy pathways, healing pathways and more.


Spend an extra 5 minutes garnishing your meals. Feel excited about each meal you create. This will get you salivating and is such an important for your boosting and powering up your digestive tract in preparation for the incoming food; letting you properly break down your food.

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Nutritional tips while social distancing. Virtual Consultaions with Vancouver Naturopaths