New Beginnings

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Much of our practice at Acubalance follows modern research in our pursuit of health goals. However, we also have deep roots in traditional medicine from which we grow our modern practice.


One of those ancient traditions is rooted in the Taoist ritual of infusing your space with your intentions. Upon opening the clinic this month, we each formalized these intentions by writing them on tiny slips of paper, sealing them into envelopes, and placing them front and centre in our new space. Each of us practices differently, with variation in style, priority and aim, so honouring those differences and celebrating the various objectives we have for our new space is really great. And the envelopes are sealed. Despite my respect for everyone’s privacy, the temptation to steam them open after everyone else goes home tonight is very strong. That being said, I don’t feel too shy. I’ll make my own intentions clear.


  • To infuse the clinic with loving kindness. I don’t need to steam open envelopes to know that I’m not alone in this one. With all the people coming here everyday looking for care, our vision remains focused primarily on creating a space of unconditional positive regard.

  • Increase my knowledge and skill. I’m so grateful to all my teachers, but Sharon Weizenbaum, who is currently guiding us through a two year adventure is the true origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine, holds an honoured position.

  • Help create a supportive work environment for myself and colleagues. My first two intentions would be pointless without this one: being part of a team means we all get to grow our skills and patient care, feeling supported and encouraged at every step.

So as we move into 2018; as we move flower pots and paintings around our new clinic; as we tinker with the lighting, and perfect the wireless, our truer sense of mission and purpose will be sitting on the front counter, unchanged and yet refreshed every single day.