Never Gets Old especially when unsolicited

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I received an email out of the blue from a client I have not seen for well over a year.  

These emails really make my day and remind why I get up early in the morning and stay late into the evenings.    

For me I feel really fulfilled not when they lose the extra 15-20 pounds, have deeper sleep,  increased energy, optimal digestion and regulated cycles (no more PMS or menstrual pain) but when they come to a place mentally and emotionally when they know they are going to be OK even if they do not have a baby


Dear Lorne,

Our son Heath turned one year old yesterday. Of course, as with most milestones, we were reflecting on our past year with Heath and our journey to get there. 

I just want to express our thanks again for helping us get pregnant.

Heath is such a joy in our life and I don't think it would've happened if you hadn't identified my body's needs so comprehensively.   We really appreciated your kindness and expertise.

All our best,


In this case she hit the jack pot with both improved quality of life as well as the baby.

And now that we have integrated Dr. Kali MacIsaac's  comprehensive testing at Acubalance we have the ability to dig deeper into the source of poor health and infertility. We then can focus our treatment approach to what the body really needs to express its health and fertility.