Natural Pregnancy After Failed IVF Transfer and Cancelled Frozen Embryo Transfer - Case Study

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I wanted to share a unique case study seen here at Acubalance and more importantly the challenges my fertility patients experience and the persistence often needed to get a baby. 


She was a self-motivated patient who was disciplined with her diet, supplements and lifestyle and put in the effort to adjust her schedule and to regularly attend her acupuncture treatments.  As a result, she observed beneficial changes in a relatively short period of time.  Let's call her Brenna. I’ve made a few changes to protect her identity. Here is Brenna's story and she resembles many of the women I support on their fertility journeys.


Brenna was in her thirties and had been trying to conceive naturally with her husband for over 2 years before coming to see us here at Acubalance. She had already seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist at our local fertility clinic here in Vancouver and she had come to terms with switching from trying naturally to preparing for their first IVF cycle. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and polyps.  She had consulted me to find out what else she can do along with IVF acupuncture  to support her upcoming IVF so she can increase her chances of success.   If she was going to invest this amount of time and money into an IVF, she wanted to be overly prepared for it and be proactive in optimizing her fertility.

Brenna was extremely motivated and willing to make changes where necessary.  She had some missed cycles (no ovulation), painful periods, lots of PMS symptoms, insomnia, digestive issues and generally just felt unwell.  Her desire to feel well going into her IVF cycle  motivated her to make some healthy changes.  She adjusted her diet specific to her individual needs, modified her exercise routine and added some key supplements to what she was already taking.  We also included Acupuncture and Laser (Low Level Light Therapy - LLLT) for fertility 2x per week.  


She made the changes and came to her Acubalance sessions and started to see positive changes within a few weeks to her sleep and digestion. Her cycles became much less painful and her PMS decreased.  She noticed her generalised body pain was beginning to improve while her energy levels were higher.  Overall she was just starting to feel better! She had her polyp surgery and entered into her IVF cycle where she had 1 beautiful embryo transferred and 2 more frozen. Unfortunately her first transfer was negative. This is where persistence is a necessary quality for those on this journey. 


Brenna kept up with all her lifestyle changes and treatments at Acubalance.  She started to prepare for her first frozen embryo transfer which unfortunately was cancelled due to her lining not responding as they expected.  Although disappointed, she stayed the course as she kept feeling physically and emotionally better. I have so much respect for the women I see like Brenna as they often come up against these unfortunate hurdles and yet find the strength and perseverance to continue.


In the coming months, she kept up with treatments in preparation for a 2nd attempt to use one of her frozen embryos.  However, a new hurdle seemed to be in her way, Brenna's cycle just wasn't arriving so she couldn’t start her estrace medication to prepare for her FET. Even though she was physically feeling so much better, her desire to be pregnant seemed to be eluding her. Since there are a few reasons for a period not to arrive on time, we thought we would start with one of the obvious ones and ask her to take a pregnancy test.


Pregnant naturally!! 


After several negative IUI cycles, failed IVF fresh transfer and a cancelled frozen embryo cycle,  she became pregnant naturally!  


Brenna is now far along into her pregnancy and is doing great! 


I have so much admiration and respect for the strength and perseverance the women exhibit that I see at Acubalance TTC to naturally and through IVF.   I am grateful to be a part of your journey.


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Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM



Natural Pregnancy after failed IVF and Cancelled Frozen Embryo Transfer