Natural Approaches for PCOS and ovulatory infertility

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During the month of September 2021, I asked our team of Acubalance practitioners to blog about PCOS since September is PCOS Awareness Month. They really delivered and I feel fortunate to work alongside such a devoted and brilliant group of health professionals.

While they posted PCOS blogs, I organized a PCOS resource page for you that includes past blogs, videos, and recipes to help resolve the symptoms and risk factors related to PCOS.  

  • infertility
  • irregular cycles or absent cycles
  • blood sugar swings reminiscent of insulin resistance (feeling hangry between meals, hard to keep yourself feeling satiated)
  • weight gain (although between 20-50% of women with PCOS are normal weight)
  • hair loss or thinning from the top of your head or recession of the hairline
  • oily skin and/or acne
  • excessive hair on the chin/neck/chest
  • patches of thickened, darkened skin in the folds of your neck, underarms, breasts, or thighs
  • skin tags
  • depression, anxiety, or mood swings
  • headaches in response to hormonal changes
  • sleep apnea (which may feel like you have trouble falling asleep or never feel rested after a good night of sleep)
  • increased blood pressure


Although there are many risk factors associated with PCOS which can cause you concern, I do want you to know there are natural approaches that can reduce or resolve these concerns. I think PCOS-related infertility is one of the conditions we see the most success and my colleagues also feel confident working with women diagnosed with PCOS.  


I have listed some of our blogs and videos below to provide you with tips and suggestions to help you regulate your hormones, induce ovulation and increase your fertility potential (egg quality and uterine receptivity)as well as help you stay healthy to ward off those risk factors listed above.

    1. PCOS Resource Page - Videos, Recipes, and Success Stories
    2. 5 Things You Might Be Missing When Trying To Conceive With PCOS
    3. Could You Have Pcos?
    4. How A Naturopathic Doctor Can Support Your Fertility Journey
    5. From No Period To Positive Pregnancy Test
    6. PCOS, Changing Your Lifestyle to Optimize Your Fertility
    7. 3 things You Can Do Today to Improve Insulin Resistance and Fertility
    8. Which Pcos Type Are You?


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