Natural Approach to ovulatory infertility and PCOS

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A common cause for infertility is ovulatory disorders and one in particular is polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I recently presented in Los Angles at the Yo San Reproductive Conference on a natural multi-disciplinary approach we use here at Acubalance Vancouver for PCOS and ovulatory disorders. 

If our goal is healthy baby and healthy mom then women diagnosed with PCOS would benefit greatly from seeking out a Chinese medicine and naturopathic doctor before using any ART like clomid/letrozole, Superovulation and IVF.

I share how a PCOS diagnosis for a woman in her mid 30s probably contributed to suboptimal egg quality and uterine receptivity and why she was unsuccessful using clomid, then two superovulation IUI cycles and then two IVF cycles. Only after 4 months of preconception care did she conceive naturally.

In this 36-minute clip from my lecture I share diet and lifestyle tips plus the acupuncture and supplement protocol we use at Acubalance to help even women ovulate naturally who previously never have a cycle with out medication.


It is Infertility Awareness Week during the last week of April 2019. I am posting a series of videos between now and April 30th, 2019 which will include lectures, video blogs and interviews with fertility experts including reproductive endocrinologist, reproductive urologist and my point of view as a fertility acupuncturist. Contact us if you want to watch any from the series already posted or check out my blog.