My Top Three Things to Not Worry About Over the Holidays

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If you’ve ever consulted Dr. Google, then you already know this, but I’m going to say it anyway: You can justify just about anything. According to this study, bananas cure cancer; according to this other study, they kill you slowly in your sleep. It can be very frustrating for folks genuinely trying to get information to make a decision. However, in this season of eating, this can truly work to your advantage: if you’re going to cherry-pick, let’s pick some low-hanging Christmas fruit. Without further ado, here’s my nice-and-naughty list.

Chocolate: In case you needed any more justification to eat a little extra, here’s a study that explains some of its many life-lengthening attributes. If you feel you could benefit from decreased blood pressure and improved insulin resistance, then you may need a second helping this holiday season.

Black Coffee: I hereby grant you full permission to improve cognitive function, increase metabolism, and enjoy a more positive outlook. According to some studies, coffee can do all of these things. It’s colloquially understood that a cup of coffee improves energy and stamina in the short term, but what about larger health issues? There is some evidence that coffee can actually reduce the risk of certain severe diseases such as Liver disease, cancer, and Parkinson's. Don’t forget to  ignore the many studies that conclude it can cause hypertension, insomnia, incontinence, and gout. We’re looking for the low-hanging cherries today, folks.

Red wine: Everyone’s favourite medical mystery: the French paradox. Really, how can anyone eat that much dairy and charcuterie and still have lower heart disease rates? This delicious beverage is full of age-defying antioxidants! There are many theories as to the source of its apparent health benefits, but the strongest one is the presence of resveratrol, a plant derivative credited with reducing heart disease, diabetes and increasing life span. It’s plentiful in the skin of grapes, thus the connection with wine.

So there you have it: a full one week release from these dietary restrictions. Tis the season for not worrying about all that! Pick yourself some cherries and relax!

See you in January!