My Favourite Change-of-Season Rituals

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I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but I could not be more ready for the early arrival of autumn this year, and it has truly inspired me. Not a single moment of my summer was wasted; I soaked up every last minute of every drop of sunshine and beach time I could get. And now it’s time to hunker down, refill my batteries, and settle back into my change-of-season rituals.


Firstly, I wear a sweater. At the end of summer, your impulse may be to underdress in an effort to make summer last longer (note: this doesn’t actually work; you’ll just get cold). The first thing that changes for me is the layers: tank-top, shirt, sweater, and cowl. I ere on the side of overdressing rather than underdressing. And I’m not going to lie: I have a hot water bottle with my name literally on it.


Secondly, since it’s staying dark for longer, I take advantage of that cosmic gift by getting a lot more sleep. In the summer, my inner voice says “what’s that? You’re tired? Push through, woman; life is short!”. Now, however, I hear my body get tired and I say “sleep? Ok. I’ll take it”.


The last and most important thing I do in the first weeks of fall is cooking. Salads move over and make room for roasted root vegetables with ginger root; sauted greens and lemon roasted cauliflower. Warm soups and stews and homemade broth are back on the menu. And my wool blankey is getting a lot of mileage right now. I am not afraid to spend an afternoon doing nothing, and I highly recommend it. Sit it in a sunny window and watch the world go by, wrapped in a wool blanket with hot ginger tea or a mug of broth.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the change of seasons are a vulnerable time where you are more susceptible to invasion of wind, cold, and damp. Keep warm and take good care of yourself in the next month. As the cold, dark months approach, your body will thank you when you make it to New Years with out a nasty virus.


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