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Despite the biblical rain, there are still those of us who endeavor to get onto a bicycle everyday. When people ask me why I choose to ride through a wall of water, I usually say “it doesn’t really bother me” or “I’m used to it” and “it’s worth it for the exercise; I don’t have to go out to the gym”, “it’s cheaper than gas and parking”, etc, etc. Full disclosure, those are all bald-faced lies. I ride my bicycle to work everyday because it’s really fun.


Firstly, the only parts of me that get wet are my hands and face, because I’m fully geared-up. Once I arrive and take off the outer layer, I’m totally dry. Also, realistically, I only get caught in REAL Vancouver rain a couple times a week in the winter. In this city, it rains “on-and-off”; even when it feels like an endless river of wet, there are lots of times when it’s not raining, and I very often hit that window on my commute. However, the truly wild thing about cycle-commuting in the winter is this: once you abandon the idea (and it is just an idea) that you don’t WANT to get wet, the ride itself is actually quite pleasant; it’s the getting all wet when you’d prefer to be dry that makes it miserable. At the risk of getting Zen about it, you must surrender to the  experience and disregard the desire for it to be otherwise. Once you do that, the experience itself is just riding a bicycle really fast through puddles. Didn’t you get in big trouble for that as a child? I assure you, it’s still really fun.


All that to say, the part about the exercise and free parking is also true. It’s a low impact, self-propelled, strength-building, cardio workout that fits into your routine: you don’t have to make room in your schedule. In my particular case, the bike ride is quicker than public transit. Do the math: you might find this is the case for you too.


Every year, HUB hosts an event to inspire cycle commuting. It’s called Bike To Work Week, and if you register on their website and record your commute, your name is put into a draw for prizes such as a new bike, or a trip to Italy.


Just in case you need any more inspiration to get active, here’s one of my favourite visual lectures. Watch and enjoy.


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Happy cycling!