Metformin and Hypothyroid - The connection!

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Metformin is a drug used for lowing blood sugar levels by reducing glucose production in the liver.  It is commonly prescribed to treat diabetes as well as women with PCOS to help treat infertility.  It has been used for years for these conditions without much concern for side effects.  Unfortunately a recent study published on line from the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association brought up some concerns.   

The study mentions the effect that Metformin has on thyroid function. Researchers found that people who already had low functioning thyroid had a 55% increase risk that their TSH levels will increase while using Metformin. This is a significant risk for women taking metformin for fertility as thyroid function has a strong relation to both fertility and miscarriage rates.  Anything which influences the thyroid should be used cautiously with women trying to conceive.

If you are trying to conceive and are taking Metformin to help regulate your blood sugar levels it may be a good time to discuss other options with your reproductive endocrinologist or Doctor.  There are effective alternatives that have a effective yet more natural approach.  Diet and lifestyle are great in this regard but also specific supplements as well as acupuncture can be used. 

To read a success story of a patient who was diabetic and diagnosed with PCOS you can read about her journey here.  She was able to get off of insulin, regulate her cycles and optimize her fertility.  All this using a natural approach.

Blood sugar levels are a serious issue for overall health as well as fertility.  Talk with your health care practitioner about the possibility of stopping Metformin and taking a more natural approach.  You can have a pronounced effect in your health and fertility with the Chinese medicine approach.

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Dr. Ryan Funk
Dr of Chinese Medicine