Men Sleeping In A Quiet Bedroom Have A Greater Chance of Becoming A Father

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Men looking to increase fertility can do some pretty simple things to get an edge over the average guy. Improving diet, getting regular exercise, taking vitamins and even getting more sleep can all help their chances of a healthy pregnancy. I wrote a blog a few years ago named "Good Sleep, Good Sperm, Dream Big" which discusses the importance of getting enough sleep for your fertility.  

A recent study has now shown that it's not only the amount of sleep a man is getting it's the quality of sleep that can impact fertility. The study based out of Korea came to the conclusion that men sleeping in a noisy bedroom had a significant decrease in chances of conceiving. Men who slept in a room with more than 55 db of noise would take significantly longer to achieve a healthy pregnancy. 55 db is about the same as an air conditioner which is in full use right now with our hot summer. If used for a prolonged amount of time it could negatively affect your fertility. Even sleeping with a window open in your bedroom can increase the amount of noise exposure. A normal suburban street will have enough noise to decrease the chances of conceiving.  
If you are a light sleeper and wake up often it could be negatively affecting your fertility. Acupuncture can significantly improve sleep quality (study1, study2) as well as improve your chances of conceiving. It's really a "two birds, one stone" type of situation.  
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