A Mans Age Affects Fertility, Even with IVF!

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Researchers have looked back on almost 19,000 IVF cycles and found that a mans age can significantly decrease the chances of a healthy pregnancy.  In the study, men over 40 decreased live birth rates to 46%.  Men who were younger had live birth rates of 73%.  What we know is that male fertility begins to decline in their 30's,  why does this happen and what can you do about it ?
The why part can be easily speculated.  We know that as a man ages the cells that produce sperm will have some mutations which can impact the quality of newly produced sperm.  We also know that sperm from older men will have more DNA damage.   This can lead to an increase in abnormalities such as Autism.  
So what can we do for men trying to have a family after the age of 40? The good news is that sperm are created every 90 days. This allows us an opportunity to impact sperm health during this time frame.  Making lifestyle changes and having treatment can improve the quality of sperm.  With a fine tuned treatment plan we have seen many different types male factor infertility improve. Sperm Count, Sperm Motility, Sperm Morphology and even other parameters such as white blood cells can improve.    
We need to keep perspective and understand we can't do anything about a mans age.  What we can do is adopt basic daily principles which has shown to create an ideal environment for sperm development.  Beyond daily routines adding in Acupuncture and supplements can also greatly benefit male fertility.  
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