Making 2014 THE Year for You !

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What can you do differently to make 2014 THE Year where it all comes together ? 
I don't believe in New Years resolution's.  What I DO believe in is reflection ! 
Looking back at the previous year and all the great memories you created. What brought you the most joy in 2013 and how can you do more of "that" in 2014.  This is a great way to help prioritize your coming year for what truly is important !
Focusing on what little things you can do differently today, right from the beginning of the year that will help you have a fruitful 2014.  Make a conscious effort, create a plan of attack and start moving towards your goal.
Your fertility plan needs to be specifically tailored to your individual needs and if necessary seek out someone who can support you in your personal plan.  
When your goal is fertility, it's so important to be confident in the support you are receiving.  You are not trying for "some thing" you aren't even trying for a pregnancy, you are wanting to create a healthy child !  
Rarely is fertility support just one person. This support is a team standing behind you that has your best interest at every turn.  At Acubalance we pride ourselves with our team approach. We have a variety of practitioners experienced  in reproductive health available to support you !
Make 2014 YOUR year ! If you need someone to help guide you through your fertility journey I can help create a plan specifically for you !
We offer new patients free 15 minute phone consultations.  
I wish you all the best in 2014,  May this BE YOUR YEAR !
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine