Lumbar Degeneration Case Study - How Laser Acupuncture allowed me to pick up my Child again

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In our practice here at Acubalance we treat a variety of different ailments that people are going through. We pride ourselves on helping create healthy families and in others helping to improve quality of life. In some cases we see these two goals come together. We are able to improving quality of life which and help improve the health of a family.  
The case I was thinking about was about a women who was experiencing chronic low back pain. She had been diagnosed with disc degeneration in both her 4th and 5th lumbar spine. She had chronic daily pain as well as poor mobility. She wasn't even able to pick up her child anymore or stand up without using her arms to help. She noticed sharp pains in her spine off and on through out the day, every day!
It was at this point that she (lets call her Tanya) came into Acubalance seeking relief. She was experiencing a cold and had knife like pain in her lower back every time she coughed. Tanya was frustrated and wanted to make a change. We went over her history in detail and created a treatment plan specific to Tanya's needs and symptoms. This included both Acupuncture and Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). We made a few modifications to exercises she was doing as well to help improve the treatment plan.
After her initial visit where we did both acupuncture and LLLT she noticed a small improvement. The combination treatment was able to improve blood flow to the area, decrease inflammation as well as improve cellular health. She came for regular treatments several times per week noticing small stepping stones in the right direction. Less intense pain, able to do more with less pain and greater sense of strength that she hadn't felt in years. It was after almost a month of treatments that she came into my office smiling from ear to ear. Tanya was so excited to let me know that she was able to pick up her child for the first time in years without having any pain.  
We slowly decreased the regularity of Tanya's appointments after her back was over 70% better and she kept noticing improvements. I don't know if we will be able to make her back 100% better but I do know we are close. I look forward to following up with her in the coming weeks and to keep following her improvements.  
Both Acupuncture and LLLT show promising results in so many different types of disorders. When we combine these two modalities what can be treated is amazing. Long standing chronic pain can be helped allowing patients to live with less or even NO pain.  
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