Low Ovarian Reserve - Perseverance pays off with natural conception

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When it comes to infertility, it often takes time to reap what you sow


It is only January , 2014 and already I have heard from a few women that are now pregnant naturally who had  beed diagnosed with low very low ovarian reserve  in early 2013 (confirmed by low AMH, high FSH, Age, antral follicle count and repeated poor IVF responses).


I am humbled by these women as it was against great odds and professional opinion by their reproductive endocrinologist for them to conceive naturally or with IVF but yet they chose not to give up and pursue the dream of conceiving with their own eggs..  


Basically when you are diagnosed with low ovarian reserve and advanced maternal age the standard of care and your best chance of conceiving (and more importantly having a live birth) is through donor eggs.   If you choose to not go the donor egg route and try to use your own eggs with IVF or continue to try naturally then you really have to to commit yourself for over 6 months.  It is  the slow and steady wins the race (Tortoise not the rabbit )  process we recommend at Acubalance. 


For the most part, women experiencing infertility are incredibly motivated.  Still, with the constant reminder of your  'clock ticking' it is hard to commit oneself for 6-12 months and remain compliant to acupuncture 1-2 times per week, daily drinking of  Chinese herbal teas, handfuls of supplements, adhering to our Acubalance fertility diet, making lifestyle changes around sleep, exercise and rest and learning and practicing relaxation techniques.  This takes perseverance.   At least you can measure and observe dramatic shifts in over health (mental and physical) during the process. 


For me it s reassuring that there is some incredible wisdom in the  old theories and principles of Chinese medicine that continue to hold true (even more important in this day an age of quick fixes) for infertility and miscarriage prevention.  And there are other factors than just age that can impact the quality of your eggs and the health blueprint of your unborn child which we address at Acubalance.


The only pill I do not have to give which I wish I had was a pill for patience.  We live in a society of instant gratification and quick fixes. To be able to coach, support and provide acupuncture for 6-12 months is not a luxury I see often.


My message would be as follows.  

Never give-up.  


You have options. 


Obviously continuing to try naturally every month.  Donor eggs has the highest success rate and is available to you until about age 50.  Although I recommend starting parenthood earlier if you can.  If you can afford it IVF then it may be worth a try even against the odds.  The natural approach and donor eggs will be available to you long after the IVF option expires. 


 Regardless of your approach, pre conception care is vital to the quality of your eggs, his sperm and the health of your future child regardless if you use donor eggs, IVF or the old fashion way of making love.


And after we work with you for 6-12 months to prepare your body for pregnancy, please let us know if you conceive as we love to hear about these 'miracle' natural pregnancies. They always make inspire and motivate me to continue to master the art and science of treating infertility.


Please join us for an event on Fertile Hope. What you can do to help improve your egg quality and health of your unborn child.


We also offer a complimentary phone consults to help you navigate the journey of infertility.



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