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Emotions are expressed most profoundly by the facial muscles. Over time, our dominant emotions etch themselves over our face. Lines around the mouth can reflect laughter and joy but also smiling to look agreeable and placating others. Furrow lines between the eyebrows can develop with agitation and anger, a single line between the brows when anger turns inward, horizontal lines across the forehead with worry and sadness.  


What story does your face tell you about your life? Has it seen a lot of sun? A lot of sadness? Does it glow with self-care? It reflecting stress and hormonal imbalance? Do your eyes sparkle with joy? It’s amazing what information is communicated through the face and one of the reasons I enjoy working with this area so much. The face can show warning signs that our health or our emotions are in need of care as well as reflect the beautiful lines and markings of life well-lived.


Acupuncture for facial renewal can indeed increase cellular activity to fill-in fine lines, reduce puffiness, tighten a sagging neck, and bring radiance to the skin. It is a great medium for sculpting the facial landscape and keeping the skin healthy and functioning well. However, it works both locally and systemically. Whenever we touch the facial muscles, we affect the emotions. When we use acupuncture for the external surface of the skin, we affect the internal workings of the body. When I massage the face, the whole body relaxes.


This is why facial acupuncture is more than a superficial treatment. The results you see on the outside are actually a reflection of your whole internal health - mind, and body. There is nothing superficial about our emotions. There is nothing superficial about rebalancing our health. There is nothing selfish about self-care as it is the only way we can sustain caring for others.


As we begin a new year, I would like to offer a little exercise for increasing health and beauty:


Imagine for a moment feeling truly loved.


Imagine someone recognizing all your amazing accomplishments and strengths alongside all your “mistakes” and struggles. Imagine them seeing all this and having compassion for a complete being going through the human experience - totally worthy of love. Imagine they see you as you truly are and you are enough as you are; you are loved.

How would it feel viscerally to be loved?  Are your muscles relaxed? Is your breath a little easier? Does it make you smile?


Now imagine looking in the mirror and feeling this level of love for your own reflection.


Too often we judge and treat ourselves far more harshly than we would ever dream of treating anyone else. As one of my teachers of facial acupuncture, Amanda Shayle, so brilliantly says, “when we feel loved, we look loved”.  Feeling loved needs to start with extending love to ourselves. As we begin a new year, the globe could definitely benefit from more loving kindness. Be kind to yourself so that you may give and receive kindness. I wish you all the best health and happiness in 2018 and beyond!


~ Christina Cecconi


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