A Love Letter to Expecting Moms

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Dear One,

For the last several months, you and your Womb have stretched and expanded to house the tiny bones and organs that contain this Soul you call your child. You watched the impossibly small heart flicker on a screen and felt your own flutter to your throat. Previously, your body felt solid, stable, static. But you rumbled and shifted your tectonic plates to make room for the volume of this child. And in this shift, you somehow feel more rooted, more grounded, more solid than before.

I am here to remind you that your Body is wise. Wiser than we often give it credit. Your Body knows how to do this because you will channel the strength and power of the Mothers who came before you. You will also understand the fear and panic of the generations of Mothers prior. The worry that only a Mother can experience. Your brain will try to get in the way, but in this moment, let the masculine take a back seat, allow the feminine to take the wheel. This is not a time for order. Welcome the chaos. Welcome the contractions. It is no coincidence that Nature herself is a Mother. And she is not a creature who takes orders from anyone.

I am here to remind you that there is no wrong way to do this. You may require the loving hands of your partner, your sisters, your mother to deliver this child. You may require the skilled hands of a surgeon. You may require the helping hand of a nurse, midwife, acupuncturist or doula. But my dear, you will require hands. Take the hands. Know that they are here to help.

I know, my Dear. I know you’ve been curious for this child. You’ve been craving this Soul like no other. You contain a fourth dimension within your Womb that can only be described in the quantum realm. And yet, for all their knowing, physicists and physicians alike will never know what kind of Child you will birth. My dear, you contain multitudes. In this transition, you contain the Mothers before you, you contain the sacredness of the generations that come after you. You contain, in this beautiful Body of yours, the strength and capacity to bring this child Earthside, however that may be. I believe in you.

Oh yeah, and breathe. Don’t forget to breathe.





I’ve been seeing a lot of women in their third trimester for “cervical ripening” lately. This preparation for birth is so much more than directing blood flow to the uterus and cervix. It is so much deeper than needling the points to start contractions. Every birth story is different and I am so honored to be a part of this sacred tradition of childbirth. If you find yourself craving support, please reach out to Acubalance (604) 678-8600