Listening Hands: We Have Ways of Making You Talk

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There are several methods for collecting information from patients. Since diagnosis is the cornerstone that distinguishes Traditional Chinese medicine, your first session sets the foundation for everything that follows. Filled with questions, observations, and stuff you never imagined telling anyone, this session uncovers the details to form your diagnosis. There’s a lot of listening and observing, but what can be learned about a person through touch?


The key to Craniosacral therapy is listening with your hands, since the body expresses information that can be accessed only through touch. The human body is not a static thing. Movement itself comprises a huge part of what we are: we have cardiac and respiratory rhythms, circadian rhythms, menstrual cycles, and countless other mechanisms which hold this delicate process in balance. The craniosacral rhythm is another one. It’s fascinating to imagine that we are not a thing, but rather a series of processes in an ever-changing entity. It sounds metaphorical, and I do love me a good metaphor, but it’s also literal: movement is life. Movement is development, progress, warmth, passion, light, growth. In short, movement is Yang.


The concept of Yang is not new; it’s an ancient idea, developed to express certain parts of our physical reality. We tend to envision things as static and unchanging, for example our relationships, our bodies, life situations. However, movement and change are the deeper truth, as we can see from the most rudimentary facts of physics.


The reality of our physical bodies is no different. Movement is vitality; stagnation is pain. With Craniosacral assessment, a skilled practitioner can access the cranial rhythm through gentle hands-on palpation over various parts of the body such as the head, sacrum, feet, legs and chest. With this kind of listening, your body remembers, and your body will “talk”: restrictions will make themselves known, old injuries will surface, asking to be healed. Where are there restrictions in the fascia? Your body will direct treatment my leading the practitioner’s hands where they need to go.


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