Laser Therapy for Morton's Neuroma: A Case Study

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If you’ve ever suffered from nerve pain, you know exactly how much it can interrupt your normal life. Not only are you  in pain, but your daily activities are limited, potentially leading to a more sedentary lifestyle. Such was the case with my patient who came in with Morton’s Neuroma, a painful condition of the foot which effects thousands of people every year.

The symptoms can range from “annoying” to severe, potentially interrupting daily life. For my very active patient, the condition resulted in severe shooting nerve pain that zapped through her foot whenever she did her usual hiking, running, cycling, and (sadly) wearing adorable shoes. The symptoms vary, but most people experience the sensation as though walking on a small pebble, or a big fold in their sock. It usually occurs between the 3rd and 4th toes. Eventually the symptoms progress to electrical pain and tingling, shooting, numbness and debility. This particular patient had done everything conventional therapy had to offer: rest, orthotics, NSAIDS, and cortisone injections. When she finally came to see me, she was not convinced anything would help.

Low level light therapy (LLLT) is a treatment for pain which uses photobiomodulation and angiogenesis to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and increase mitochondrial activity. In plane language, it encourages your body’s own established mechanisms to heal more quickly and efficiently.

When this patient arrived for her third treatment, she had just come from hiking the grouse grind without any pain, something she hadn’t done in several years. The hard knot that felt like a pebble inside her foot was starting to soften and become more pliable. After another two treatments, she was doing fitness classes, and after our 6th and final treatment, she was on her feet all night wearing her Fly Londons to a party the previous weekend.

If you have a painful symdrome you’d like to correct, or simply have questions about what laser therapy can do, call and book your 15 minute phone consultation.