Laser For Fertility Success Story - Combining the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine with Cold Laser LLLT

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I am passionate about Chinese medicine and its methods that allow my patients to experience life changing results. As of May 2017, we introduced low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to our acupuncture and naturopathy services and I am hopeful based on the early successes for both pain and fertility. A recent patient of mine comes to mind which demonstrates how the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and laser acupuncture (LLLT) can provide support for women diagnosed with severe infertility.


She was in her late 30's when she came to see me and had been trying to conceive for several years without success. She had been to an IVF clinic and was diagnosed with endometriosis and diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). She wanted to work with me at Acubalance to optimize her fertility naturally before moving into an IVF cycle with her poor prognosis.  

Treatment Plan

I created a treatment plan for her which included regular acupuncture sessions, dietary changes, supplements and a custom made Chinese herbal formula. She followed the treatment plan very well and stayed focused on her health goals.  


Within the first month she began to notice small changes in her overall health.  Her anxiety was reducing and experienced more periods of peace of mind, obscure skin complaints were happening less often and she generally felt better. Month after month, step after step she felt better.  


After several months, she went back into her fertility clinic for follow up testing. Upon review of her most recent tests, she was told she no longer had a diminished ovarian reserve! She was ecstatic with the good news.


She felt she had tried long enough naturally and decided to move forward with an IVF cycle. She was optimistic she would respond better now with better test results.  


During her IVF she produced a good amount of eggs and was able to do the comprehensive chromosomal screening. Unfortunately, she didn't have any embryos to transfer.


Although the quantity of eggs retrieved was above what they expected the quality wasn't where it needed to be. After a short break in her treatment she again contacted me asking what else we could do.

Laser for Fertility

It was at this point that we discussed adding the laser for fertility to her treatments. She came for laser treatments several times per week leading up to her second IVF cycle.  


She responded even better this IVF cycle than she had previously which pleasantly surprised her doctors. They were able to retrieve more eggs and a higher percentage fertilized than in her first IVF cycle. She sent off more embryos for chromosomal screening (CCS). She received great news … four normal embryos.   


She has not had her embryo transfer as of today's date. I wanted to share this case because over her treatment period where her egg quality and quantity should be decreasing, we were able to go from diagnosed as DOR, to not. She also went from having no normal embryos for transfer to now having 4 normal embryos.


Peak Fertility Potential


I believe her preconception care with Chinese Medicine plus an additional 5 weeks of LLLT helped her reach her peak fertility potential by ...


Laser Acupuncture (LLLT)

Low-intensity laser light (LLLT) has been shown to enhance mitochondrial activity and ATP production, regulate inflammation,  increase blood flow, regulate inflammation and to help reduce oxidative damage. Such laser light can be used on acupuncture points above the ovaries and over the carotid. Laser acupuncture on the day of transfer can increase implantation rates as well. (h), (i), (j),(k), (l)   More details on Acubalance's approach to laser acupuncture to optimize your fertility


Fertility Acupuncture

Studies show that acupuncture can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormones, optimize implantation, and reduce miscarriage rate. The frequency of acupuncture (1-3 times per week) over three or more cycles improves effectiveness.


Custom Chinese Herbal Formulas

These are custom made based on your Chinese medicine diagnosis. They come in powder form in which you add boiling water and drink as tea.  It is known that older follicles have fewer defenses against cellular damage caused by oxidative stress, (a) and that this is related to poorer IVF outcomes. (b) Certain herbs, long used in fertility clinics all over China to treat infertility, have now been shown in laboratory studies to markedly enhance mitochondrial activity and ATP production. These same herbs were shown to enhance antioxidant defenses at the cellular level. What the ancients knew from trial and error scientists are now proving in labs. (c)


(a) Tarin et al, 2004, Mol Reprod Dev 2004;69:402-410.
(b) Wiener-Megnazi et al. 2004, Fertil Steril 2004;82(Suppl 3):1171-1176.
(c) Ko KM et al, Phytomedicine. 2006 13(9-10):636-42.



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For her, the combination of Acupuncture, Herbs and Laser treatments really made a difference.  If you want to learn more about the Acubalance approach to fertility please call for a free 15-minute phone consultation



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