Laser fertility plus acupuncture boost IVF

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I interviewed Dr. K Nakamura of Japan about his experience and success using low level laser therapy (LLLT/Photobiomodulation) plus acupuncture to increase the blastocyst rate (number of day 5 embryos) for women previously unsuccessful with IVF.  


Dr Nakamura has been collecting data for over 10 years on combining laser and acupuncture for fertility.  He has found an increase in the rate of embryos growing to day 5 when combining laser and acupuncture for 3 to 6 months. 



I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my discussion with Dr Nakamura that his laser and acupuncture approach is very similar with what we are offering at Acubalance in Vancouver but yet we have never shared our ideas until we met for this interview in December 2018.  It gave me great confidence to learn that his approach has demonstrated to be beneficial and that he has been collecting supporting data for over 10 years.  

The key is having a laser with adequate power and wavelength and the practitioner spending enough time over various points to provide benefit for egg quality and uterine receptivity.


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