Laser Baby Program Update: Beating the Odds

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Since we started our Laser Baby Program here at Acubalance earlier this year, we’ve been seeing some promising results in our patients. Earlier last month, I shared the story of MS who added laser to her acupuncture treatments and was able to conceive naturally. She was so thrilled with her pregnancy that she wrote a testimonial to share her success story. With an AMH of 0.08 pmol/L, MS was told by her fertility doctor that she was unlikely to conceive, and even with IVF, she was told her chances were incredibly low. Yet, here we are! I am happy to share that she is well into her 2nd trimester and feeling great!


I’d love to share another progress report with you. Mrs. L is a 44 year old patient who had been trying to conceive for 2 years before she came to Acubalance for support. She had undergone 2 Clomid cycles and also a mini-stim IVF cycle. Despite being on medication to help with ovulation, her doctor was unable to visualize any follicles during her antral follicle count so her IVF cycle was canceled. With an AMH of 0.1 pmol/L and an FSH of 34.4 IU/mL, she was encouraged by her fertility doctor to consider donor eggs, but she didn’t feel that this was the right path for her and her husband to create their family. She came to a Laser Baby Program Orientation and found herself feeling inspired by the research that our Clinical Director Dr. Lorne Brown presented. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Fertility works under 4 primary mechanisms:


1) reduces inflammation and oxidative stress

2) increases blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organs.

3) bumps up ATP production which enhances mitochondrial activity

4) soften scar tissue and adhesions


In our first visit together, she had a few major complaints besides her ability to fall pregnant. While her periods were not painful, she would have a dime to quarter-sized clots that indicated the blood circulation in her uterus was not optimal. She was also unsure if she was ovulating despite the fact that she was checking her ovulation with a monitor. She experienced chronic watery diarrhea and it was not uncommon for her to have 4-6 bowel movements a day. Additionally, she is someone who runs quite cold and always needs to be bundled up and she experienced quite a fair bit of stress from her demanding work life.


We came up with a treatment plan that included laser therapy and acupuncture on a schedule of ten times per menstrual cycle. I also prescribed her a customized herbal formula that she was very diligent about taking and she went on a supplement program to support her egg quality.


Mrs. L is one of the first women to graduate from the Laser Baby Program, and we have been tracking her progress diligently. The first thing she noticed was an improvement in her symptoms. Her clots have shrunk down to pea-sized or smaller. I remember how excited she was on the day she saw evidence of her ovulation in her LH strip tests. Her bowel movements became more formed and she became more regular, only visiting the washroom twice a day. She started handling her stress around work in a more productive manner and found herself feeling less overwhelmed. We were feeling encouraged by her improving blood work as well. Her most recent results showed that her AMH was at a 0.6 pmol/L and her FSH had decreased to 15.7 after 2 months of treatment.


Three months into the Laser Baby Program, she expressed that she was quite pleased because she feels more balanced in her body and mind. That, coupled with the changes in her bloodwork made her feel optimistic going into her ultrasound to check on the growth of her follicles. However, we were met with disappointment because while her doctor was able to visualize 3 follicles, they were not big enough to be candidates for egg retrieval (natural IVF). She was again encouraged to consider an egg donor. With her 45th birthday only a few months away, Mrs. L decided to give herself until her birthday to continue to try with her own eggs.


One month later and another 10 sessions of laser acupuncture for fertility, she went back to her IVF clinic for another ultrasound and this time we received some pleasing news indeed. As soon as her fertility doctor saw what was on the screen, she told Mrs. L “You need to send this picture to your acupuncturist”. There, pictured on the screen were five follicles with at least one at the optimal size to retrieve. While she still has many, many more hoops to jump through, Mrs. L is beating the odds. She went from having essentially no chance of going through an IVF. This week, we are preparing her for egg retrieval from a mini IVF.


Mrs. L is cautiously optimistic going into her egg retrieval. She understands that her chances are still low, but she is thrilled for the opportunity to even consider going through IVF with her own eggs. Additionally, she has shared with me that even if she does not fall pregnant, the improvement in her symptoms has been well worth the investment. Together, we have put together a health plan that includes sustainable changes that have made marked improvements in her overall health that will continue to serve her.


Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Mrs. L!



Kathleen Lee FABORM R.TCMP


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