Ladies, It is time to Man Up

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Guys we need to be better at doing our part.   I know back in 2000 when I started to practice the data and evidence was not as robust so it was excusable for men to not be proactive in supporting their partners through diet, lifestyle, supplements and acupuncture.  But it is 2019 and the data has accumulated suggesting sperm health (or lack of) contribute to poor embryo development, miscarriages and setting your future child up for risk of preventable diseases.  Men need to do their part.  And ladies, you have my empathy for having to put up with us.  And gentlemen, congrats if you are actually reading this blog post. If you want to show your significanmt other that you are two feet in this relationship and you want to demonstrate that you are supportive, then pick up your antioxidant formula, no hot tubs, and book a free initrial consult in June.

It has become apparent to me that educating and asking guys to participate in maximizing their health and sperm has not motivated enough of them to take action.  There are a few men out there who are invloved in taking care of their fertility so congrats to those  of you who have found such a man.   And it is not just me, I have received similar feedback from my colleagues and also from Dr. Paul Turek MD (see videos below) how many men do not get invloved.  I understand it is a male cultural thing of not vising our doctors.  The majority of men when asked why they are here in my clinic say because "my wife told me to come".   So, I am asking the ladies, to man up, and get the contributor of your child's DNA to show up and do his part.  It is disappointing that women have to do the man's work when it comes to fertility too by nagging and pushing their guy to make healthy choices.   I have one more health tip for you to add to the list, get  him (and you) off the recreational pot use (Couples struggling to conceive are better off not smoking pot untril futher research suggst otherwise.



The Aging couple: How age affects men's ability to father a healthy child. With Laureate Professor John Aitken, University of Newcastle, for Your Fertility.  The impact of the male age on the health of the offsping is very important.  

My colleague, Dr. Emilie Salomons, shared some tips for guys (see excerpt below) to help them maximize their fertility.   I have also included three short video clips discussing the evidence and data presented by a reproductive endocrinologist (IVF doc) and a reproductive urologist (a male fertility expert)


From the beginning of time, I feel that women have borne the burden and blame of miscarriages. New research however, is finally shedding light on the important role of sperm in leading to a healthy pregnancy, and conversely, to miscarriage.  

A recent article published in Science Alert highlighted the growing evidence that poor sperm quality may be an important factor in repeat pregnancy loss (RPL). 

We know men bring 50% of the genetics to an embryo. We know 60% of miscarriages are due to genetic problems within the embryo….so why aren’t men flocking in for treatments after their partners miscarry? Seriously?! Where are they?

Even if a man has been told that he has normal semen parameters (count, motility and morphology), this does not exclude him from being a factor in miscarriages due to genetic abnormalities. Improving quality, no matter how ‘good’ the semen parameters are, is always a valuable way to help reduce the chances of another miscarriage in the future.

Here are some basics to follow:

Step one: Have a semen analysis if you haven’t already (or if it’s been over a year since your last one)

Step two: Take supplements to improve quality, quantity and motility. At Acubalance, we like the KISS supplements. 

Step three: Adjust your lifestyle to support healthy sperm production.

Here are some of my favorite suggestions: 


Video: Poor Embryo Development. Maybe It's Him.

Dr Paul Turek, reproductive urologist, shares how poor embryo development can be related to the guy in many casess.  And how diet, lifestyle and a good antioxidant supplement can help with sperm DNA fragmentation.  Find out why all roads to fertility lead to Chinese medicine.


We have sourced ourt a simple and comprehensive antioxidant and acupuncture program to optimze male fertility.  Ask us about our KISS program for Men. 


Video: Male Factor Infertility. What about the Men!

It seems so much of the emphasis is on the female and very little on the men even though up to 50% of a couples infertility can related to the male partner.  Dr. Paul Magarelli, a reproductive endocrinologist in Colorado Springs chats with Dr Lorne Brown of Acubalance Wellness Centre about men's health and sperm and its impact on IVF success and the health of a couple’s future child? 


Video: Reading the cards. What the Semen Analysis Really Means

Dr Paul Turek, reproductive Urologist, talks about the pros and cons of the semen analysis and what men can do to improve their sperm quality.  How important is the health of the man and his sperm quality when it comes to infertility?  The full lecture is available for acupuncturists on Healthy Seminars.

We have sourced ourt a simple and comprehensive antioxidant and acupuncture program to optimze male fertility.  Ask us about our KISS program for Men. 

If your male partner is over 35 then I recommend lifetsyle and dietary changes as well as a comprehensive antioxidant therapy to maximize his sperm quality.


Acubalance approach for male fertlity

  • Diet
  • supplements
  • acupuncture 12 sessions (2 per week over 6 weeks)
  • Cold laser (LLLT/photobiomodulation)