Knock These Back To Get Her Pregnant! A list of Male Fertility Supplements

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Alright guys, women have been taking prenatal vitamins for years and its about time that we do too. Studies have shown the benefit for women to take vitamins in pregnancy for almost 70 years yet the idea of vitamins for men and fertility is a relatively new idea. Dr Paul Turek (well known Urologist) has recently written a blog explaining the importance of male fertility supplements called - "Male Prenatal Vitamins, More Than Just a Pill". 
Better Late Than Never!
Research is finally being done showing the benefits of men taking a "prenatal" vitamin before conceiving. Pregnancy rates improve when men start taking supplements. Sperm takes approximately 3 months to be created. Guys who take supplements for 90 days before conceiving will get a bigger boost over those who take them for a shorter period of time. Not only do vitamins help with fertility but are also able to improve your health in a multitude of other areas. There is no downside to starting sooner than later!  
Men Can Tip The Odds During IVF
Want to increase the chance of pregnancy by 3x during an IVF cycle? Men take your vitamins! There is a link with oxidative stress and an intake of antioxidants.  Antioxidants help prevent oxidation (damage) to sperm allowing them to attain a greater level of health, improved IVF outcomes and the future health of your child. Even if you are not doing IVF at this time you will still achieve a better chance of a pregnancy by taking some supplements.  
What Supplements Boost Male Fertility?
It's difficult to root through all the different male fertility supplements to find the ones which really help improve your fertility but we have done some leg work for you Take a look ar our KISSS program for men. I wanted to make a list of proven male fertility boosters to make the process easier. There are products on the market which put several of these together so they don't have to be taken separately. Here is a quick list of some of our favorites individual supplements.  
Vitamin C
This vitamin has shown to improve sperm count, motility and morphology. Some research has shown a doubling of sperm count within a few months after starting Vitamin C. It is a water soluble vitamin meaning you need to get this on a daily basis, your body is unable to store it.  
Vitamin D
A deficiency in vitamin D correlates with lower sperm counts, decreased motility and abnormal morphology. Living in Canada, most of my male patients are not anywhere close to ideal levels, even during our sunny summer months.  
L Carnitine 
This is a type of Amino Acid which has shown to improve sperm count as well as sperm motility. When combined with Vitamin E, L Carnitine has an even greater improvement on sperm motility.
Lycopene is a type of carotene that is bright red and found in many red vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots. Men who supplemented with this had an improvement in both count and motility.  
When combined with Vitamin E, Selenium shows to increase sperm count and sperm morphology.  
This supplement is created from Pine Bark, is a good antioxidant and improves circulation. It is also great to support sperm morphology.  
Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio
Men who have a ratio higher in omega 3 vs omega 6 have an increased fertility. Omega 6 is pro inflammation while Omega 3 anti-inflammatory.  
Both Fish and flax oil are great sources high in omega 3 and low in omega 6.  
Coenzyme Q10 is a substance which helps the body produce energy and protects our cells from oxidation. As CoQ10 protects the body from oxidative stress it helps to protect sperm from damage improve male fertility.  
Although there are other beneficial supplements not listed above these have all shown to improve male fertility. So what are all these supplements really doing? Most of the supplements are antioxidants which help to protect sperm. They protect them from both DNA fragmentation and Epigenetic abnormalities. These two things are the instruction booklet of the sperm to help create a healthy embryo. If this instruction booklet (DNA) is damaged or missing then an embryo will not be created. Healthy sperm is a key ingredient in the creation of an embryo.
What Else Damages Sperm? Vitamins and Acupuncture are not the only ways to boost male fertility. Trying to eliminate damaging lifestyle habits is also very useful.  Excessive heat (sauna's and hot tubs), smoking, excess alcohol and even bacon can have a negative impact on pregnancy rates due to male fertility.  
To learn more about our treatment of male fertility and how to boost pregnancy rates with your partner read more here. To discuss our treatment philosophy and ask more questions please call for a free 15 minute phone consultation. You can read what our patients are saying and how they achieved healthy pregnancies while following our treatment plans here.  
Best of Health During Your Fertility Journey
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Male fertility Supplements, What Guys Can Knock Back To Knock her Up