IVF Success Story by Combining Acupuncture with Laser

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I was treating a patient since last fall who has an amazing story I wanted to share. She went through many lows during her 5 years trying to conceive before she had her successful pregnancy. I hope her story will bring hope to others who have been trying to conceive without success.

Her story began approximately 5 years ago when Jenni started to try and have a child with her husband. Knowing it can take time before achieving a pregnancy, they were not alarmed when nothing happened after trying for several months. After trying for over a year they decided to see their doctor who over several more months had Jenni and her husband do a fertility work up. What they found was that one of her tubes was blocked. Unfortunately nothing could be done about the 1 tube but the 2nd tube was still open. They continued to try naturally at home.  
Between travel and life happenings, several years passed before they started looking at other options to try to have a child. They also did more fertility testing. Unfortunately these more specific tests showed that her 1 good tube was also damaged. With 1 tube blocked and the other damaged IVF was a good option with a high chance of success. With excitement they made the decision to move forward with an IVF cycle late in 2017. 
Unfortunately the IVF didn't give them the results they were hoping for. In fact, it was a massive disappointment. They were only able to retrieve a handful of eggs and out of those eggs only half were mature. None of the eggs that were mature were able to fertilize leaving them with none to grow or transfer.  Shocked and depressed they took several months off to regroup.
As Jenni had little to no chance of naturally getting pregnant due to fallopian tube issues, IVF was still the most logical option. They decided to give it one more try a year later. Unfortunately when they repeated some blood work Jenni's FSH level (indicator on how a women will respond in IVF) was elevated pointing towards a poorer outcome with her next cycle. They wanted to do things differently this time to help put the odds in their favor. It was in the few months before their second IVF that they came to Acubalance.
Jenni asked many questions of what she could do differently to get a better result with their next IVF. We discussed how the eggs she would be releasing for the IVF need 3-4 months to mature in her body. Everything she does during this time period can either negatively or positively effect of her developing eggs. Wanting to be proactive as much as possible  we put together a detailed treatment plan. Jenni began to implement the at home adjustments in her diet, supplements and lifestyle to support egg recruitment. She also started coming for both Acupuncture and Laser treatments several times per week.  We didn't have the full 100 days to support her egg development before the IVF but we still had time to make a positive change.  
When she started the IVF medications she noticed she felt different this time around. She had more bloating and discomfort in her abdomen. When she had her first ultra sound she was delighted to hear there were more follicles than she had hoped. When her retrieval day came the difference between the first and second IVF were impressive. They were able to retrieve more than double the amount of eggs and almost all of the mature eggs fertilized. With fingers crossed and optimism high they had their 2 beautiful embryos on day 5. 2 weeks later they received the good news that she was pregnancy.  
Jenni did remarkably well as age negatively impacts both mens and woman's fertility. For Jenni to have more than double the amount of eggs retrieved after being a full year older is an unusual event. To also think she had more mature and fertilize is also amazing. The work she did at home as well as the time she put aside for treatment was key. Data has shown that women who undergo acupuncture with laser can double the amount of blastocysts created with IVF (link). This was similar to what Jenni's response was to treatment.  
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IVF Success Story by Combining Acupuncture with Laser