IVF Doctor Refers his IVF Poor Responders to Acupuncture

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I have been in practice since 2000. I can recall back in 2002 and later years many IVF clinics dismissing the ability of lifestyle changes and using the Chinese medicine approach to optimize egg and sperm quality. It well documented now that smoking, oxidative stress and other stressors can negatively impact egg quality and the health of your future child.


It was refreshing to hear Dr. Richard Mars present at the Yo San Reproductive Conference in March 2019 how he recommends his poor IVF responders to receive acupuncture and herbs for 60 days (preconception period) before starting an IVF cycle.    


I will add that you do not need to be diagnosed as a "poor responder" to be proactive and implement many positive changes during the preconception period to support your chances of conceiving, whether naturally or with IVF. Check out how you can make your next 100 days count, so you reach your peak fertility potential.


This clip is taken from the lecture Dr. Richard Mars (IVF doctor) presented in Los Angeles about why he recommends 60 days of acupuncture and herbs for poor ovarian responders before starting their next IVF cycle. The full lecture is available for acupuncturists on Healthy Seminars. 



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