Investing in your Health During Social Isolation

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Taking care of yourself during social isolation is not cancelled. When I say “investing” in your health during social isolation, I’m not just referring to financially, but how to best utilize your time and energy to optimize your health so you not only feel healthy, happy, and relaxed during quarantine but ready to take on the world when everything is back to normal. Health is one of those things where you get out the amount you put in. The amount of time, energy, dedication, and focus you put into yourself, the more you will get in return.


TELEHEALTH: The Acubalance staff is still here for you virtually. One of my favorite things about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it encompasses so many different modalities, the acupuncture/needle part is actually just one small (and optional) part. There’s lifestyle modification, diet advice, and my all time favorite - Chinese herbs. I’ve seen Chinese herbs alone work miracles with my patients.


For those of you who are needle phobic - this is the perfect opportunity to have a session with an Acupuncturist where we won’t even try to convince you to try the needles! I do have quite a few patients who refuse needles altogether (which is completely fine) and we use the other modalities of TCM with great success.


If you’re not sure where to start with managing your health concerns during social isolation I highly recommend booking an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners. We can tailor herbal prescriptions, supplements, diet and lifestyle advice, and so much more to your specific needs and work on your health goals together.


DIET: Now is the perfect time to browse new recipes you’ve been wanting to try. The toilet paper, baking products, pasta, and canned food may be low in the grocery store, but fresh produce is almost always abundant. Take advantage of this time to cook with vegetables you’re less familiar with, experiment with the slow cooker, and be more creative with your meals. Investing your time and energy into healthy and different meals have been making cooking at home a lot more fun for my husband and me.


SUPPLEMENTS: It’s an easy time to slack on supplements (I can tell you this from personal experience). But with general stress and anxiety levels high, it’s even more important to stick to your hormone balance and adrenal support herbs and supplements. I just made a huge online order to restock on some of my favorite supplements. (Finlandia and Body Energy Club have online shopping and even delivery/curbside pickup). I’m making sure I’m keeping up with my nightly magnesium for good sleep, adrenal health, stress and anxiety, and muscle pain now that I’ve actually started working out. Cortisol Manager is my absolute favorite for lowering cortisol levels and helping my patients fall asleep and stay asleep. Ashwagandha like AOR’s Gandha-600 is also a great option. And of course for immune support I’ve been taking vitamin C and Zinc.


If you feel like you’re taking a million different supplements or looking for support on which supplements may be helpful for your specific condition, book a virtual consultation with one of our online Naturopathic Doctors in Vancouver. Not every supplement is right for everyone. For optimal health please contact a health care professional before adding supplements to your daily regimen.


MENTAL HEALTH: One of the biggest investments I’ve been making during social isolation is for my mental health. It’s undeniably a stressful and weird time. I’ve been spending a lot more time each day consciously doing things that help me relax and bring me joy. Now is the perfect time to really go inwards and discover what really activates your parasympathetic nervous system. 


Check out Dr. Kali MacIsaac’s blog post on self care tips during social isolation.


If you’re still struggling with ways to take care of your mental health, consider booking an appointment with Dr. Lorne Brown for an energy psychology session or with one of our Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Us Acubalance docs all have a wealth of tools (ancient and modern) we’ve collected over our years of practice to help with mental health.


EXERCISE: One hour of movement per day. I’ve made this rule non-negotiable with myself. I’m investing one hour of mindful exercise each day while in social isolation, whether it’s qi gong, yoga, going for a jog, a walk, or a 10 minute quarantine booty workout (which I highly recommend searching for on youtube). Not only is it to help stay in shape while we’re discouraged to leave our homes, but to lower inflammation and cortisol levels, boost endorphins, and get my blood flowing. 


Book a Virtual Consultation with one of our Online Naturopathic Doctors in Vancouver. Virtual TCM Practitioner Consults Available Too.


Social distancing and self-isolation is tough. But that just means it’s an even more important time to be working on diet, lifestyle, and stress relief. Click here to book your appointment online or email

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