Infant Loss Awareness

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Working with infertility definitely has it's ups and downs.  Working with couples and helping them achieve a pregnancy and a healthy child is such a rewarding process.  Unfortunately not all end with this ending.  I often treat couples who have had tragic losses during their pregnancies.  The process of recovering from such traumatic events such as a still birth and neonatal death can often take years.

I wanted to blog about this to help bring attention to those who have had a loss about this weekends awareness walk.   This sunday, Oct 15th in Burnaby Still Life Canada is having it's second annual Awareness Walk rain or shine.  
The purpose of the walk is to have people come together in mutual support to celebrate and remember their babies.  This also allows an opportunity for families to connect to others who have been affected by a stillbirth and neonatal death.
To find out more about this event here is a blog post discussing the Awareness Walk.  
Still Life Canada is encouraging families who have lost a child to bring a new pair of childrens shoes to be donated.  Every pair of shoes can have a memorial card with a childs name attached to them.  
Even in the heart of Vancouver, BC Place is glowing purple and blue to show support for those who have lost a child.  Here is the article in the Vancouver Sun talking about BC Place and it's supporting colors.  
I am hoping this years event has a great turnout.  
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Dr. Ryan Funk, 
Doctor of Chinese Medicine