ICBC Set to Cover Acupuncture

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ICBC Now Covers Acupuncture

Starting on 1 April this year, ICBC rolled out their new coverage schedule, and so far it’s going amazingly well! For the first time ever, the insurance company will cover 12 acupuncture sessions after a motor vehicle accident. This is great news, since acupuncture is such strong medicine for pain and traumatic injury.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture has the effect of reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and encouraging the release of pain-killing endorphins in the body. With the addition of acupuncture, your recovery will be quicker and less painful. And now, the provincial insurance company agrees, even to the extent that they’ll pay for it.


When healing from an injury, it's important to take a whole-body approach. At Acubalance, we are careful to look at the whole person, not just the part that's injured. For this reason, we have two Naturopaths who offer consultations and recommendations for supplements as well as IV nutrient therapy. In addition to the acupuncture, we also offer laser light therapy. Although this therapy is reletively new, there is a wealth of great research into it's mechanism of action. We often add it to our acupuncture sessions to reduce inflammation, encourage tissue regeneration, speed healing, and reduce scar tissue. 

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If you want to try Acupuncture, or have any questions about your particular health concerns, call Acubalance today and book a free 15 minute consultation. I'm always available for a chat.


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