I have great news! The IVF was successful

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"I have great news! The IVF was successful, I just found out I'm pregnant. I wanted to say thanks for all of your help! Of all of the therapies I tried throughout this whole process, yours felt the most healing." ~ J.A.


"I wanted to thank you for all the prenatal support and let you know that my sweet baby girl has arrived! I have loved getting to know you and appreciate all your tender loving care during my fertility journey and pregnancy. Your wisdom and knowledge as a woman is inspiring."  ~T.S


These are an example of the sorts of messages that I receive on a regular basis from my clients. Believe me, it never gets old. It really is such an honour and a privilege to do this work. As an RN specializing in women’s reproductive health and a practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT), I am confident that I have the tools to support my clients who are wishing to optimize their health and enhance their fertility.


When I started offering ATMAT to clients, I have to admit that I was a little cautious about making claims in regards to fertility. During my training, I had heard and read plenty of case studies that described how these techniques helped individuals to achieve healthy pregnancies, but I was still a bit hesitant. I did not wish to appear to be making promises I could not keep. However, it did not take me long to figure out that no one expected a guaranteed outcome from me. Many of these clients had seen numerous different practitioners during their fertility journey. My intention is to offer physical as well as emotional support throughout this life cycle.


The goals of my treatments are to bring the uterus into alignment as well as improving circulation and lymphatic flow, nerve conduction, and vital energy (chi) throughout the body. By achieving homeostasis or “balance within’’, we are supporting the innate processes of healing and regeneration. This brings the individual into their best possible health to support conception, healthy pregnancy and beyond.


My approach to fertility challenges is integrative and holistic. I love it when my clients are open to other healing modalities such as TCM, acupuncture, and laser (LLLT). I feel that these techniques really compliment the work I do. That is why I am so delighted to be working with the Acubalance team. There is so much experience to draw from. I look forward to helping many more individuals achieve their goal of a healthy baby.


If you have any questions about your own specific health concerns, feel free to book a 15-minute phone consultation 604-678-8600 or email clinic@acubalance.ca. I’m always available for a chat.


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