How Your Thyroid is Treated with Chinese Medicine and How It Effects Fertility

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A huge percentage of the patients I see have been diagnosed with having a poorly functioning thyroid, primarily hypothyroid. Having a thyroid that is under performing causes all kinds of symptoms that can be life changing. Exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain, a generalized feeling of cold can all accompany an under functioning thyroid.  Unfortunately women who have this condition will also experience a greater chance of infertility as well as miscarriage rates. At Acubalance we have been monitoring and treating thyroid conditions using natural methods.  
Chinese medicine can treat your thyroid naturally by using Acupuncture, Herbs and Diet. The usual symptoms of hypothyroid (feeling cold, fatigue, hair loss and weight gain) relate closely to a pattern often treated called Kidney Yang Deficiency. With this pattern the kidney's function is under performing for one reason or another.  We ask detailed questions about each individual symptom gathering as much information as we can. We then use all this information to diagnose a reason why these symptoms have arose and what we need to do to eliminate them.  
I have found Chinese medicine to be an effective, natural treatment for many thryroid issues that go along with a diagnosis of infertility. In the past few years we have had an opportunity to combine a more functional medicine approach by having Dr. Kali MacIsaac help diagnose other conditions. She uses other diagnostic techniques not historically used in Chinese Medicine. With this combined approach we are able to monitor and treat significant thyroid imbalances.  
Dr Kali MacIsaac has recently written a blog that illustrates how Naturopathy is able to improve thyroid function. To learn more please read the Thyroid series Part 1: Your Thyroid 101  blog post she has written. She is able to explain the complex world of the thyroid in a simple and direct manor that is easily understood.  
If you have been suffering with thyroid issues and infertility we can help. To learn more about our approach to fertility and the effects of thyroid health please call to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.  
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