How We're Keeping Our Patients Safe at Acubalance

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The first layer of skin on my hands is practically scrubbed off these days. I’ve even developed an internal alarm bell that rings whenever I even consider touching my own face, pushing the walk button, or reaching for a public door handle. A big part of these new habits is about protecting myself and family/household members from infection, but, as most of us know by now, these new habits are partly, if not mostly, for the purpose of protecting others. And on that note, I want to take the opportunity to assure my patients that we are taking extra precautions at the clinic to do just that: protect those around us and keep everyone safe. 

In my opinion, we’re only as safe as our most vulnerable. When you go to the doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor, or here at Acubalance, you are in a vulnerable position. I’ve had a handful of questions from my patients about our sanitation protocols. As a way of giving you confidence before you return to Acubalance to continue your pre-covid treatment plan, I wanted to be clear about our cleaning rituals here at the clinic. These new protocols are based on WorkSafeBC guidelines, which are handed down directly from our top doctors. Although no one can guarantee 100% assurance, we can reduce the risk for everyone with these protocols.

  1. If you come into physical contact with anything (treatment table, door handles, lightswitches, buzzer, linens, pen, lasers, glasses, etc), rest assured that these items have been cleaned with a covid-approved disinfectant, the same kind used in hospitals. 

  2. We are also practicing physical distancing not only with the patients and the set-up of our waiting room, but also with each other in the staff areas. When physical distancing is not possible, we are all using medical masks, and ask that our patients do the same while at the clinic. 

  3. Whenever you visit the clinic, you will be carefully screened for risk factors and symptoms in order to further reduce the chances of pre-symptomatic transmission.

We have always taken your health and well-being to heart, but the coming months are a delicate time, and we are taking that seriously. You can trust and feel assured that we are doing everything in our power, according to the health authority recommendations.

Take care of yourself and each other.

How We're Keeping Our Patients Safe at Acubalance - Fertiltiy & Naturopath Cinic Vancouver