How Laser Can Improve Your Fertility Four Fold

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Low Level ​Laser Therapy (also known as LLLT or Cold Laser) can help improve a woman's chance of conceiving. LLLT has been around since the 1970s with over 3000 citations with studies dating back to 2001 for its use for infertility. We are hoping to add more laser babies through the Acubalance Laser Baby Program we launched in late May 2017.  
A study out of Japan in 2012 has shown good results using LLLT for severe cases of infertility. The first study had only 74 patients who had been trying to get pregnant for an average of 9 years. This group labelled as non-responders & poor responders had an unexpected 23% success rate and over 50% live birth rate using low level laser therapy for fertility. Because of the impressive stats for the demographic, the study was later extended and amassed over 700 women. This new group also had a pregnancy success rate of 23% and a live birth rate of 50% similar to the first study. These results are 4 fold higher than women not doing the fertility laser treatments.
Although there are only a few studies to date, the results and the mechanism of action (see below) are promising for women with impaired egg quality, poor ovarian reserve and endometriosis. Cold Laser therapy is safe, non-invasive and laser acupuncture is pain-free. So how can laser for fertility help rejuvenate the eggs?   
Studies show that the mitochondria of older eggs is capable of producing significantly less ATP, which is the source of cellular energy. This has a significant impact on fertility, as the rate of division and successful implantation of embryos has more to do with how much energy (ATP) than with maternal age per se. Consequentially, the capacity of the cold laser to improve the ATP production of eggs has a potentially dramatic effect on their viability. 

Furthermore, it is known that older follicles have fewer defences against cellular damage caused by oxidative stress and that this is related to poorer IVF outcomes. Studies suggest that LLLT treatment could also help with this condition, along with other complications, which impede fertility later in life. Using laser acupuncture to Increase energy level (ATP) in the cells, improve blood circulation, soften scar tissue and a reduction in inflammation are all factors beneficial to female reproduction in general and to the receptivity of uterine lining.


In summary, cold laser helps optimize fertility by:

1. Stimulating ATP (energy) production in the cells.   
2. Promoting Blood circulation 
3. Regulating inflammation (Inflammaging – biological ageing) 
4. Soften scar tissue (endometriosis and scarring)

Fertility Support at Acubalance - Including Laser for Fertility

At Acubalance we are able to use​ Laser for Fertility in conjunction with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic support. We can then work with you while trying to conceive either naturally or with western treatments such as IVF. I have incorporated laser acupuncture into my approach because it fits with my philosophy of supporting the body's ability to self regulate by creating a cellular environment that allows for healing.
In summary here are the ways at Acubalance in Vancouver BC that we hope to influence the follicular micro-environment and rejuvenate eggs with our Fertility program which includes the Laser treatment:
  • Increase blood supply (oxygen and nutrients) to the follicles with electroacupuncture and low level laser light.
  • Increase mitochondrial ATP output with Chinese herbs and low level laser light.
  • Enhance antioxidant defences with certain Chinese herbs, antioxidants and low level laser light.
  • Reduce ‘Inflammaging’ (accelerated ageing caused by low-grade systemic inflammation) through diet, stress reduction, supplements, acupuncture and laser.
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Laser for Fertility Vancouver. How Laser Can Improve Your Fertility Four Fold.