How Laser Acupuncture Can Improve IVF Outcomes with Chromosomal Screening - A Case Study

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I wanted to share a case study of a patient. As my patients know, the treatments they receive encompass more than just needles, we offer a holistic and integrative approach. So what did this patient do to achieve enough improvement to make her 2nd IVF cycle a success?

Let's call my patient in this example Lorianne. Lorianne was a healthy woman in her mid to late 30s. She ate relatively well, exercised regularly and generally didn't have any health complaints. It was a surprise to her and her husband that they didn't become pregnant in the first year of trying. After 2 years of TTC and even going to a fertility clinic, they were still unable to get pregnant. Her fertility clinic offered minimal answers as to why this healthy couple was having difficulties. There was a possible lining issue but no one could pinpoint the exact cause of their infertility or say if her lining was even an issue.  
After 3 years of trying they made the difficult decision to go into IVF. They chose to do chromosomal testing with the IVF to improve their chances of a successful transfer.  They had been through enough "trying" and were ready for the next stage, a pregnancy. The IVF clinic felt it was the best option for them as they could not say for sure why they had not had any pregnancies after trying for so long and the IVF would provide answers and increase their chances.
They began the IVF early in 2018. Lorianne was responding very well to the medications and produced a great number of follicles. They sent a number of embryos for the chromosomal testing with high hopes of good news. Unfortunately after waiting  2 weeks for their results they were told they had no normal embryos for transfer.  
It was at this stage of Lorianne's fertility journey that she came to Acubalance Vancouver to help her achieve a pregnancy. She was planning to do another IVF cycle with the chromosomal screening in the coming months.  We discussed all of the options for Lorianne and how to best move forward.  As egg and follicular development takes approximately 100 days she decided to take 2-3 months to prepare her body for her next IVF cycle. This would provide her with a chance to make the next 100 days count.   
She was undergoing Acupuncture as well as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT/Photobiomodulation) treatments for the months leading up to her cycle.  Although she was already leading a healthy lifestyle I had suggested a few changes to help, slightly tweaking her diet, sleep pattern as well as adding supplements to optimize her fertility. She didn't waste any time implementing the necessary changes and starting her new supplements outlined in her treatment plan.
Entering into her second IVF cycle, she was more confident that the changes she had made would make a positive difference. Lorianne's second IVF cycle started out very similar to that of her first. A good number of follicles were stimulated and fertilized. The biggest difference came when she received the news about the chromosomal screening. Lorianne's first IVF CCS cycle ended with zero normal embryos. This second IVF cycle with the Acubalance Acupuncture and Laser support resulted in three (3) chromosomal normal embryos. Lorianne and her partner were ecstatic!  They now have over a 70% chance at a positive pregnancy with her upcoming FET. And her chances increase even more if she continues acupuncture during her 3 weeks of lining building plus acupuncture and laser acupuncture on transfer day.
Lorianne's story is not a unique one. It's something my Acubalance Vancouver colleagues and I see in the clinic often. Couples coming in, making changes to improve their fertility by following their individualized treatment plan. They then have a better chance of having an improved response with an IVF cycle or natural conception. Remember to make the 100 days count before your IVF.
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