High FSH Levels? What You Can Do to Lower Elevated Follicle Stimulating Hormone!

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Follicle Stimulating Hormone (known as FSH) is a hormone that is commonly assessed to help predict a womans ovarian reserve or fertility. It can only be performed on day 3 of her menstrual cycle or the levels will not be accurate for this test. Most reproductive endocrinologists suggest a level below 10 is associated with higher success while over 10 associates with a decrease in pregnancy rates during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). So what can women do if their FSH levels are elevated?
High FSH levels are commonly diagnosed as diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and goes hand in hand with lower pregnancy rates during IVF cycles. The good news is that your FSH levels can improve. A recent study has shown that acupuncture can lower high FSH levels.  
This observational study had women undergo 12 weeks of acupuncture. Before Acupuncture the average FSH level was 19.33, well above an ideal level of 10 or less. After completing the 12 week acupuncture program FSH levels averaged 10.58. This was a significant difference achieving levels close to normal levels. When tested again at 24 weeks FSH levels had averaged about 11. Still a great level even after they stopped acupuncture.  
Unfortunately this study did not look at other fertility hormones such as AMH nor did it look at pregnancy rates. Both of these would make it a much more informative analysis. That said, anything which can improve your hormones should also benefit your fertility.  
If you are looking for ways to naturally lower your FSH Acupuncture is very effective and can also help regulate other fertility hormones
Having high FSH levels doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. We have had patients achieve healthy pregnancies with FSH levels of 19,30 and even higher levels.Patients do notice that their FSH levels will improve with treatment.  
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What Are The Options To Lower Elevated FSH levels? Acupuncture