Have Faith Not Fear During These Unsettled Times

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In the past few months we have faced something few of us would have ever imagined possible. It's straight out of a hollywood film like Contagion or Outbreak. When talking to patients I can hear the fear in their voices. I can see the feeling of unease when waving to my neighbors. We have a feeling of fear around our health, our finances, a general sense of lack of control, even a fear of running out of toilet paper!
Generally speaking fear comes from a good place. The human brain evolved using fear to stay alive. We use this emotion to know if we should Fight, Flee or Freeze! It's a wonderful emotion for the short term but not the long. We can't live our daily lives in fear or unease.  
Just think, most of us will have no problem jumping into our cars and zip along the freeway going 100km hour. We don't spend much thought that every day people will die due to driver error or mechanical failure. We don't lose sleep thinking about this possibility or make rash decisions. So what is the difference? The difference is Faith!
It is important to take precautions and do what we can to improve our health, decrease the spread of the Covid-19 virus but we do not need to allow fear to drive us. We need to have faith that we will be okay, we will get through this. We need to support each other, our communities, friends and families. Human beings are resilient, we are strong and not just able to survive in difficult times but we can thrive.   
I am confident that in these times of unknown we can reach our greater potential if we open ourselves to it. I am certain that some good will come out of all the uncertainty of what we are now facing. It is up to us to find our inner strength, look for how we can create good in the world and take the steps to lead the ones around us.  
I challenge you to actively give thanks, to practice gratitude for all that we have even in these unprecedented times. Take control of what you have and give back to our communities and those that need our strength. Each evening take 5 minutes and write down 5 things you are grateful for. It is difficult for us to be both fearful and grateful at the same time. Using this one goal of writing down 5 things each evening is the beginning of training your brain to switch focus away from fear.
A few simple steps to start today!
  • begin a gratitude journal before going to bed
  • aim to stay positive, look for opportunities not problems
  • our normal routine has been turned upside down, make sure you are clear and focussed, manage your time wisely despite the distractions
  • do something now to help your family, friends and family. A quick phone call or text to someone you love just to let them know you are thinking of them can make someone's day.  
If you need help achieving a greater level of health we are here to help. Acubalance is offering virtual consultations creating a plan tailored to your needs. Please email us today to learn more or you can book an appointment here.
We're here for you.
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