Working From Home Hurting Your Back?

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If you’re like the many thousands of people in Vancouver that transitioned to working from home due to the pandemic, you may have also struggled with setting up a decent home office space. Lack of proper desk space or office chairs resulting in poor posture for 8 hours a day can wreak havoc on your back, hips, neck, and/or shoulders. 


Since Acubalance has reopened post quarantine I’ve definitely noticed an influx of patients coming to treat their sore necks and backs due to working from the couch or dining room table. Here are some of my favorite tools for treating back pain quickly and effectively as well as preventing it from coming back!


ACUPUNCTURE: As a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is definitely my first go-to tool for treating pain and injury. Acupuncture is great for increasing blood flow to tight muscles, reducing muscle stiffness by breaking up lactic acid buildup, activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the body’s innate relaxation response), and send the message to the brain through the central nervous system to release pain relieving neurotransmitters and anti-inflammatory cytokines. I also love using a technique called neuropuncture using a e-stim, a machine that connects a couple points through wires and sends small impulses into the muscle through the needle. This very comfortable technique is truly amazing at relieving muscle, joint, and nerve pain. 


LASER: Cold laser, low level laser therapy, or photobiomodulation, are all terms for our laser system that uses red and infrared light to reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation, and increase ATP production in the mitochondria of your body’s cells to help heal and repair damaged tissue. Combining laser and acupuncture is one of my favorite ways to quickly relieve any pain in the body. 


GUA SHA: Gua sha is a traditional Chinese technique of gently scraping oiled muscles with a dull edge. This technique, similar to massage or cupping, is wonderful for relieving tension in the muscles and breaking up stagnation. It does this by breaking surface capillaries to bring the immune system and blood flow to the injured area to initiate the healing process. It produces reddish marks on the body that fade within 2-5 days. I typically combine this technique with acupuncture for even better results, and my patients usually remark that they notice a difference in the stiffness of their muscles as soon as they get off the treatment table. 


SUPPLEMENTS: Working from the inside out can also be really helpful for relieving pain and tension in the body. I often recommend magnesium supplementation for my pain and injury patients to help relax muscles and reduce stiffness. It can also help with sleep and stress/anxiety - which many of my working from home patients are also experiencing! 

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No matter what you are coming in for, at Acubalance your treatment plan will always be holistic, integrated, and multi-faceted so we can provide the most effective results within a short period of time.

Have you been noticing more back and neck pain from working from home? Book an initial appointment here or a free 15 minute phone consultation if you’d like to further explore your treatment options.

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