From Good to Great, When Your Fertility Just Isn't "Good Enough"

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Micheal Jordan still practiced every day even after winning his 5th Most Valuable Player Award.   Wayne Gretzky did everything he could to become better even after winning the Hart Memorial Trophy 7 consecutive times.  This hockey great was awarded it 8 years in a row!    Pablo Picasso achieved success early in life but kept refining his skills throughout his life.  He is now known as the most influential artist of the 20th century.  
Even if you have had all the fertility test's available through your medical doctor showing all is good, what would happen if it was great?   What would be the down side to optimizing your fertility?  It's like taking the puck right to the net but not finishing it off and hitting the post!  
There are many simple and natural ways to approach your fertility.  The treatments we offer at Acubalance will help optimize your fertility, slow down the aging process and help you achieve a healthy pregnancy.  We don't just want you to be "within" range for your fertility work up, we want you to be in optimal range.  
We have both men and women coming into our clinic saying that all is fine but they still haven't conceived. Once we investigate more into their fertile health, we make minor tweaks to certain aspects of their lifestyle and create a treatment plan based on a natural supporting approach.  We also work closely with fertility clinic's and reproductive endocrinologists.  This relationship allows us to help investigate further into a western diagnosis which may have been overlooked.  
After we complete a fertility assessment here at Acubalance we will suggest a personalized plan to help you get into an optimal and fertile state.  Using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet suggestions and lifestyle adjustment we are able to positively change the body. To achieve a healthy pregnancy multiple different factors must come together at the right time.  From hormonal balance to the timing of intercourse, everything is important.  If you are looking for how you can achieve a healthy pregnancy we may find something which needs to be tweaked or worked on that makes the difference between infertility and fertility.
To read stories of others who had test that their fertility was "good enough" but by optimizing their fertility went on to healthy pregnancies follow the links below:
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