Going Green To Improve Sleep

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Over the years we have blogged several times regarding the importance of sleep. A lack of sleep is detrimental on both your overall health as well as fertility. While we are sleeping our body is repairing itself. Sleep improves neurotransmitters, replenishes hormones and detoxifies and repairs cellular tissue. A very important time in our day. Unfortunately under sleeping is an Epidemic according to Dr. MacIsaac (Blog Post Here).

The good news is there are many things you can do which helps improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. We have covered many of these suggestions in previous blog posts listed below:

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I wanted to add another suggestion to the above information that may help you achieve the deep sleep you are trying for. The key may be as simple as adding a plant to your bedroom! Plants naturally improve air quality and can decrease stress levels. Plants can help oxygenate the air while decreasing things like mold found in your bedroom. Along with pleasant aromas they can help decrease stress pull toxins from the air. A few of my favorites are:

Aloe Vera

This hearty little plant is one of my favorites because I do not have a green thumb! It's very low maintenance, doesn't need loads of sunlight and reproduces relatively easily. It's ability to help detoxify the air is even reported by NASA.

Snake Plant

I have several of these wonderful plants in my house. Besides their ability to improve air quality I really love their other common name, Mother in Laws Tongue. The name derives from it's shape and sharp margins of its leaves. Just like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant is also extremely versatile and does well in a variety of conditions. Minimal watering and fuss is needed to keep these plants alive and thriving.

Snake Plant is also listed by NASA for having great detoxing effects for the air and is listed as removing Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene and xylene from the air.


This well known species of plant is very popular for it's stress relieving abilities. It naturally releases a smell that has shown to help slow your heart rate and reduce anxiety. In animal studies inhalation of lavender oil had a protective effect against specific chemicals harming testosterone levels in males.

Other plants have shown promise in improving sleep quality. Some of these are English Ivy, Jasmine, Valerian and Gardenia. If you have been suffering from irregular or poor sleep try adding some greenery to the bedroom.

Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr. TCM

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