Give Yourself This Gift

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Most of my patients express an earnest desire to develop a meditation practice, but a common roadblock they share is a lack of free time. We’ve all heard the recommendation to begin a practice, but the time commitment can be overwhelming. Even so, there is a solution: consider giving yourself the gift of 15 minutes per day, because that is truly all it takes.


According to many well-designed studies, the effects of meditation don’t require quitting your job and retiring to the mountains. The positive effects can be noted after as little as 12 minutes a day. Some of these effects include reduced stress and inflammation, along with increased immunity. Mindfulness also has the effect of reducing rumination, an uncomfortable habit of mind that can lead to a great deal of distress for many of us.  At times, your mind behaves like a television you can’t turn off. Even though you can’t always see it, the off-switch is there, and meditation has the effect of unveiling it for you. So many patients will tell me “I don’t remember how I survived before I learned this”.


Once you prioritize meditation in your life, it won’t feel like a drag on your time. After you manage to put it into your schedule, and the benefits start to show up, you will find yourself enjoying meditation, looking forward to, and in fact, needing it.


Like most things, this can be accomplished with the clever and effective use of your basic, time-honoured organizational and time-management skills. Like I said: don’t become an itinerant. You can have a job, a family, hobbies and also meditate every day. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.


Set aside 15 minutes of your day, and set a timer. This way, when you hear your alarm, you go immediately to a quiet spot by yourself and spend an uninterrupted 15 minutes in quiet contemplation, watching your breath. It can be as simple as this: giving yourself the gift of 15 quiet minutes per day to clean and quiet your mind.


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