Foods For Fertility In Vancouver, Options For The Always Too Busy Person

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I was reading through some of the blogs here on the Acubalance site when I stumbled upon Dr Emilie Salomons blog on foods to eat during IVF. This reminded me the importance of a healthy diet when trying to conceive. The foods we eat have both a short term and a long term impact on our health. I truly believe our diet can be our strongest ally in supporting our own health or our biggest down fall.  
The food we eat supports us at a cellular level every moment of every day even when we are sleeping. Every sperm and egg can be effected by your diet. Eat well and our body takes care of us, eat poorly and things begin to break down.  
For those of us who live in Vancouver we are lucky to have many different dietary options which help to improve our fertility. If you are one of the much too busy people who can't find the time to eat well then these suggestions may make the difference.
No matter if you are in need of a quick meal, sit down dinner or home cooked hearty supper Vancouver has options to both be tasty and improve fertility.  
The Quick Lunch:
There are many fresh cooked meals and quality restaurants but I wanted to shine a light one that I stumbled upon after my colleague Dr. Kali MacIsaac suggested it too me a few weeks ago. This little gem is called Cave Man Cafe. It offers many whole food, high vegetable options that are quick and tasty. You can order online and even have your meal delivered!  Too busy to pack a healthy lunch? this is a great option to stay on a fertility boosting diet!
No Time To Shop Option!
Too busy to hit the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for your next fertility friendly meal? There's a few easy options for you. Groceries that are ordered on-line and delivered right to your door. Doesn't get much closer to having a "magic" refrigerator that always is stocked with fresh produce. One company has been doing organic home food delivery for years now.  SPUD is a well known company now providing this service in multiple cities in Canada. It's also available through local grocery stores such as Save On Foods, Smart City Foods and Stongs Market. Check with your grocery provider to see if they offer this service.  
Back To The Bone Broth
Bone Broth or Bone Stock has been on a bit of "kick" recently which is interesting as it's been used for centuries all over the world. Although I have not read any double blind studies showing it's use in infertility I do see many of my patients improve by adding this to their diet plans. In Chinese Medicine patients who are deficient in qi or blood may really benefit by adding this to their diets. The problem is many don't have the time to prepare this type of bone soup, even if it does improve their fertility. The good news their are places that make organic bone broth. One of these stores is called Home On The Range Organics. It's conveniently located close to the Acubalance Office here in Vancouver and offers a vast selection of bone broths like chicken, beef, lamb and even duck. There are several other bone broth stores found in Vancouver. A quick google search will give you multiple options to choose from.  
Can't Cook, Can't Shop Option
If you are just too busy to cook or even go out to grab a healthy bite to eat there are still options to eat healthy in Vancouver to help your fertility. There are places that provide full meal planning and will deliver 3 meals a day directly to your door. Some provide poor choices that will not benefit fertility but there are others that can. Finding these whole food, non processed vendors can be difficult but one of my patients has had great success with "Eat Your Cake". The patient who most recently started this program is currently living in a hotel while here on a project for the next few months. She has no access to a kitchen and the only fridge she has is her bar fridge in the hotel. She works 6 days a week and is barely "home".  She has so many excuses to not eat well but she has found a solution. She is able to eat 3 whole food meals a day which she says is healthier than what she is eating when at home. There are many great companies offering this delivered meal plan idea here in Vancouver. They have full time as well as part time options allowing you to choose a plan that best supports your lifestyle and fertility.  
I Don't Know What To Eat To Help Fertility?
If you find yourself in this category we can help! At Acubalance we help couples and individuals find a diet that is right for them. Different people have different dietary needs. We are able to diagnose and help you navigate the food maze that we are faced with when trying to conceive.  
To learn more about our dietary approach please read more on our site or call to make a free 15 minute phone consultation.
Best of Health
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine


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